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  1. Clary 4000S Industrial Strip Cut Paper Shredder

    Clary 4000S Industrial Strip Cut Paper Shredder

    Regular Price: $18,359.00

    Special Price: $12,597.00

    • Excellent design for Heavy Duty Industrial use
    • Strip Cut Paper shredder with Level 2 security
    • Split-able massive 104 Gallons Bin
    • Shreds sheets and continuous forms, CD's, floppy disks, credit cards, licenses, and chip cards etc.
    • Touch sensitive keypad for Jam-Free continuous operations – up to 180 sheets at  a time
    • Mobile and convenient to use
    • Robust gear motor integrated with chain drive for maximum throughputs
    • Power Supply: 208V (3 Phase)
    • Noise level of 75 db
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  2. QOMO QIT2032-KZ-TB interactive TableNew Product

    QOMO QIT2032-KZ-TB interactive Table

    Regular Price: $4,795.00

    Special Price: $4,295.00

    • Ideal for virtual Tours, university lectures and group sessions.
      Interactive games for entertainment, interactive presentations.
    • Novel and effective Interactive workstation.
    • Big wide screen of 32".
    • Dual touch screen, facilitate 2 users, simultaneously.
    • Fitted storage cabinet, shelves with key lock security.
    • Shock resistant table padded with flame retardant faux leather
    • Rounded corners and non-toxic paint to fully comply with safety standards
    • Specifically designed for kids to keep their height in mind.
    • Loaded with KidzFlow! annotation software.
    • Work with both Pen and Finger.
    • USB interface accessibility.
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  3. Formax Office FD 8400SC ShredderFree Shipping

    Formax Office FD 8400SC Shredder

    Regular Price: $2,395.00

    Special Price: $1,676.00

    • Strip Cut Shredder
    • All metal Gearing and cabinet
    • LED enabled Control Pad
    • Auto Start/Stop & Reverse Operations
    • Shreds Paper sheets, Credit Cards, CD/DVDs, Paper Clips, and Staples
    • Huge heavy duty Bin of 20 Gallons
    • Shreds up to 32 sheets at once
    • 12.2” wide Feed Opening
    • Perfect design for corporate Office users
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  4. BrightLink 475 Wi Interactive WXGA 3LCD Projector New ProductFree Shipping

    BrightLink 475 Wi Interactive WXGA 3LCD Projector


    Built-in-Interactive Capabilities
    BrightLink 475 Wi Interactive WXGA 3LCD Projector is designed with built-in interactive capabilities making it perfect to be virtually used in any setting. You can instantly transform any area into an interactive surface by mounting the projector on a wall or table. With the interactive pen combination, it is a powerful complete interactive solution for business and educational sectors.

    Ultra-short Throw Projection Without Shadow Intervention
    Without paying a premium for the size you will enjoy BrightLink 475 Wi Ultra-Short throw design, with images projected up to 100” diagonal in WXGA, 1280x800 resolution. You can have a large interactive area with the projector 12.2” away from the image surface.

    High Definition Resolution (WXGA)
    Enjoy a more interactive area of 100” and a wide screen high definition resolution of (1280x800) without any shadow interference.

    3x Brighter and Colorful Images
    3x Brighter Colors than Leading Projector Brands. Turn your meeting and your classroom lectures into a true-life time experience with Epson’s 3LCD, 3 chip technology for brilliant images.

    Dual Pen for Simultaneous Work
    BrightLink 475 Wi projector gives you the option to interact on the screen either independently or simultaneously with another partner. You can deliver a lecture or conduct a meeting, annotating images or content using the two interactive pens.

    Annotate From Any Connected Source
    Without even connecting to a computer, it allows the user to annotate from any connected source be it a laptop, Ipad, document camera or a Blu/ray player.

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  5. PolyVision eno mini 2125 interactive Slate

    PolyVision eno mini 2125 interactive Slate

    Regular Price: $592.00

    Special Price: $399.00

    • 7.651" x 11.267" effective writing and drawing space
    • Lightweight and portable design
    • Connect with a PC and Projector to use as an independent teaching aid
    • Rugged grip surface to withstand rigor use
    • Multi-user input—up to three users can simultaneously interact on ēno click, ēno and/or ēno mini slates
    • Environmentally certified
    • Lowest Cost of Ownership
    • Bluetooth-enabled consolidated Interactive stylus
    Included Items
    • Slate
    • Stylus
    • AAA battery
    • PolyVision driver software
    • Bluetooth radio dongle
    • (2) spare stylus tips
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  6. Sharp  PN-TPC2W7A PC

    Sharp PN-TPC2W7A PC

    Regular Price: $1,595.00

    Special Price: $1,149.00

    • Full-array LED backlight
    • Interactive dual-touch interface
    • Features an intuitive Sharp Pen software application
    • Comes with Built-in library of backgrounds
    • Infrared detection system
    • User-friendly tool bar
    • Best use as a Digital signage
    • Engineered for 24/7 commercial use
    • Designed with a metal chassis
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  7. Swingline SX16-08 Cross Cut Level 3 Shredder

    Swingline SX16-08 Cross Cut Level 3 Shredder

    Regular Price: $509.00

    Special Price: $289.00

    • Cross Cut up to 18 sheets at a time
    • Jam Free operations
    • Moderate Level 3 security
    • Shreds Papers, CD/DVDs, Paper Clips, and Credit cards, etc.
    • 7 Gallons water bin with viewing window and overflow indicator
    • 9’’ wide feed opening
    • Energy green shredder designed for small and mid size offices
    • Sound level of 60 decibels
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  8. Wacom Cintiq 22HD Pen Display

    Wacom Cintiq 22HD Pen Display DTK2200

    Regular Price: $2,299.00

    Special Price: $1,999.00

    • Designed for creative professionals in the visual arts
    • Work directly on screen with pen only
    • 21.5" (1920 x 1080) HD display
    • Professional levels of pen-pressure and pen-tilt sensitivity that catch every detail
    • ExpressKeys and Touch Strips activate personalized shortcuts and modifiers
    • The display freely rotates up to 180° to suit your natural arm movements, and it reclines like an easel for your favorite working
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  9. eBeam Edge CompleteNew Product

    eBeam Edge Complete

    Regular Price: $1,074.95

    Special Price: $859.95

    • Convert Handwritten Notes on any traditional Whiteboard into permanent digital media file
    • Bluetooth connectivity (Bluetooth version)
    • Activates surface Area Up To 9' X 5'
    • Share knowledgeable presentations to a Global Audience
    • Includes specifically designed Dry Erase Sleeves and Cutting Edge Collaboration Software
    • Works with both Windows Pc and Mac
    Included Items
    • 1 eBeam Edge Receiver
    • 1 eBeam Stylus
    • 1 eBeam LiveWire (optional)
    • 2 Mounting plates
    • 15ft USB cable
    • 1 Battery (AAA)
    • eBeam Workspace 1.0, PC
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  10. Wacom Cintiq 22HD Touch

    Wacom Cintiq 22HD Touch

    Regular Price: $2,799.00

    Special Price: $2,499.00

    • 22” inch (1920x1080) multi-touch LCD screen
    • Equipped with a digital stylus
    • Double the pressure sensitivity recognizing up to 2048 different levels of pressure
    • +/- 60 levels of tilt on the pens pan
    • Designed with 16 configurable ExpressKeys
    • 16.7 million color gamut
    • Equipped with an adjustable stand
    • Ideal for professional designers, artists, architects and photographers.
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