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  1. Hitachi Interactive Panel T-17SXL

    Hitachi Interactive Panel T-17SXL

    • Tilt adjustable 17” LCD pen display with SXGA resolution providing a clear image that works well with high-resolution LCD projectors.
    • Import and Export various files. 
    • Easy to use technology that Recognizes Your Handwriting or Wireless Electronic Pen that assists with accuracy.
    • Control computer applications, write Digital Notes, deliver Interactive Lessons, and Mark Up Web Sites, Documents and Multi-Media files on the display while your audience watches on a large screen.
    • Free lifetime updates on included StarBoard Software Suite.
    Included Items
    • Stylus Pen
    • AAA alkaline dry cell
    • USB and Audio Cable
    • StarBoard Software
    • User Guide
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  2. Formax FD 8802SC Strip Cut Industrial Conveyor ShredderFree Shipping

    Formax FD 8802SC Strip Cut Industrial Conveyor Shredder

    Regular Price: $12,195.00

    Special Price: $9,146.00

    • Strip Cut Industrial Shredder
    • Conveyor Belt for hands-free  and automatic Feeding
    • Auto Start/Stop and Reverse Operation in case of Jams
    • From Cardboard to Complete Files, CD/DVDs, Magnetic Disks, Stack of Paper Sheets - shreds a range of material
    • Thermal overload protected massive 49 Gallon Shred Bin
    • Shred up to 125 sheets at once
    • Feed opening of 16”
    • Auto Cleaning and oiling Indicator
    • Self Diagnosis System
    • Safety Circuit Breaker
    • Ease of use with LED Control Panel
    • Security Key and Lock for maximum control
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  3. Sharp PN-SR760M Rolling Cart Floor Stand

    Sharp PN-SR760M Rolling Cart Floor Stand

    Regular Price: $935.00

    Special Price: $675.00

    Optional rolling cart floor stand for use with PN-L602B and PN-L702BC/PN-L702B Also compatible with PN-L802B with addition of PN-SR800-ADP adapter mounting plate. Learn More
  4. BrightLink 475 Wi Interactive WXGA 3LCD Projector New ProductFree Shipping

    BrightLink 475 Wi Interactive WXGA 3LCD Projector


    Built-in-Interactive Capabilities
    BrightLink 475 Wi Interactive WXGA 3LCD Projector is designed with built-in interactive capabilities making it perfect to be virtually used in any setting. You can instantly transform any area into an interactive surface by mounting the projector on a wall or table. With the interactive pen combination, it is a powerful complete interactive solution for business and educational sectors.

    Ultra-short Throw Projection Without Shadow Intervention
    Without paying a premium for the size you will enjoy BrightLink 475 Wi Ultra-Short throw design, with images projected up to 100” diagonal in WXGA, 1280x800 resolution. You can have a large interactive area with the projector 12.2” away from the image surface.

    High Definition Resolution (WXGA)
    Enjoy a more interactive area of 100” and a wide screen high definition resolution of (1280x800) without any shadow interference.

    3x Brighter and Colorful Images
    3x Brighter Colors than Leading Projector Brands. Turn your meeting and your classroom lectures into a true-life time experience with Epson’s 3LCD, 3 chip technology for brilliant images.

    Dual Pen for Simultaneous Work
    BrightLink 475 Wi projector gives you the option to interact on the screen either independently or simultaneously with another partner. You can deliver a lecture or conduct a meeting, annotating images or content using the two interactive pens.

    Annotate From Any Connected Source
    Without even connecting to a computer, it allows the user to annotate from any connected source be it a laptop, Ipad, document camera or a Blu/ray player.

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  5. PolyVision eno flex 100 Interactive Whiteboard

    PolyVision eno flex 100 Interactive Whiteboard

    Regular Price: $3,331.00

    Special Price: $2,046.00

    • 77.84" diagonal interactive space
    • Traditional dry-erase and interactive whiteboard, combined
    • Wireless Bluetooth-enabled interactive stylus
    • Indestructible e3 ceramicsteel surface with Forever Warranty
    • No power required for the ēno flex board
    • Cable-free operations
    • Connects with your computer and Projector
    Included Items
    • Slate
    • Stylus
    • AAA battery
    • PolyVision driver software
    • Bluetooth radio dongle
    • (2) spare stylus tips
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  6. Fellowes 3250S Strip Cut ShredderNew Product Product Offers

    Fellowes 3250S Strip Cut Shredder

    Regular Price: $2,699.00

    Special Price: $1,617.00

    • TAA (Trade Act Agreement) Compliant ensuring quality of the product.
    • Significantly, noise free performance with SilentShred feature for over crowded work places
    • Sheet capacity levels are well managed during the shredding operation with the help of sheet Capacity Sensor that prevent paper jam.
    • Safety Shield integrated  that stops strip cut shredder when it's opened.
    • Shredder powers off if remain inactive for 30 mins.
    • Continuous shredding operation all day long with non-stop duty motor along  10-1/4” paper entry.
    • Capacity to shred 27 to 30 sheets per entry into tiny 5.32”" strip cuts, it a security Level-2 strip cut shredder.
    • Large 26.5 gallon bin.
    • 6 to 10 users can use machine simultaneously.
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  7. Wacom DTK-2241 interactive pen displayNew Product

    Wacom DTK-2241 interactive pen display

    • 21.5" IPS display with full HD (1920 x 1080) resolution and wide viewing angles
    • Cordless and battery-free pen with 2 side-switches, 1024 levels of pressure sensitivity
    • 5 user-assignable ExpressKeys to access common functions or tools
    • Integrated USB hub with 2 USB ports to provide easy access to your favorite USB devices
    • Internal scaler will take video input signals in different resolutions and display them in their native resolution and aspect ratio
    • Built-in DVI-I pass-thru connector handles either digital or analog input and allows mirroring directly from the pen display to a projector or another display
    • HDCP compliant
    • Completely flat, textured, anti-glare surface
    • Adjustable stand that allows for 15 to 72 degrees of incline
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  8. eBeam Inscribe 200e

    eBeam Inscribe 200e

    Regular Price: $299.95

    Special Price: $269.96

    • Compact design and lightweight device
    • Dual input support, simultaneous input from Tablet and Whiteboard
    • Seamless operation with eBeam Scrapbook
    • Wireless access for straight 25 hrs. without charging
    • Long-range RF introduces increased mobility
    • 7.8" x 5.9" touch sensitive, active area
    Included Items
    • Interactive Stylus
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  9. KOBRA Cyclone HS-6 Industrial Shredder

    KOBRA Cyclone HS-6 Industrial Shredder

    Regular Price: $27,900.00

    Special Price: $22,320.00

    • Compatible with NATO Level 5, NSA/CSS Level 6, and ASIO T4 protection levels
    • Unique CYCLONE technology for quick disposal of shredded content
    • Dynamic configuration of Shred Size
    • User friendly and intuitive control Panel
    • EFF 1 high efficiency and thermal protected motor
    • 24 Hours continuous Shredding
    • No oiling. No lubrication. No maintenance
    • Manual Start/ Automatic Stop with Stand-by function
    • 100 Gallons shred bag capacity with auto indication of Bag overflow
    • Noise Level of 75-85 dba for super quite operations
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  10. Fellowes 2250S Strip Cut ShredderNew Product Product Offers

    Fellowes 2250S Strip Cut Shredder

    Regular Price: $1,799.00

    Special Price: $1,012.00

    • TAA (Trade Act Agreement) Compliant.
    • Very quiet performance for crowded and busy work places with installed SilentShred technology.
    • Engineered Safety Shield that  stops shredder operations when opened.
    • Auto powers off after 30 minutes of inactivity, saves energy also.
    • 10.25” paper entry slot for hassle free shredding.
    • Shreds 19 to 21 sheets per running into tiny 0.15625” strips, Security Level 2.
    • Requires a dedicated 15 amp outlet for optimal performance
    • Big 20 gallon bin.
    • 3 to 5 users can use at a time.
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