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Clary 4200X Departmental Cross Cut Paper Shredder

Clary 4200-X

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    • Superfast Departmental Strip Cut Shredder

    • Exclusive design to shred Crumbled Papers

    • Moderate Level 3 Security

    • Automatic start/stop

    • Ideal for use in corporate offices, enterprises, and 20-25 users

    • In addition to paper and ID/Credit Card, shred staples, Thermo Transfer Foils, and paper clips etc.

    • Intuitive keypad for steady operation and Jam reverse

    • Huge 38.5 Gallons Bin

    • Broad throat of 16”

    • Noise level of 68 db



    • The Clary 4200X is designed exclusively for crumbled papers. It features additional filling hopper and integrated pre-compactor for crumbled and crushed paper sheets. The Clary 4200X Departmental Cross Cut Shredder brings exceptional design in an affordable price. It serves organizations with regular shredding needs. The durable and high-speed cutters of Clary 4200X shredders can Cross cut paper, Identification/Credit Card, and Thermo Transfer Foils Further, traditional staples and paper clips cause no snag or affect to the shredding or on the cutter.  The Clary 4200X Departmental Cross Cut Shredder allows you to shred up to 40 sheets in a go at a speed of 31FPM (Feet per Minute).
    • The incomparable Cross cut shredder features automated control via Photoelectric cell built Smart Electronic Eye System that sense and conduct auto stop/start operations. The 4200X Departmental Shredder exhibits a moderate level of security for regular business documents, fiscal sheets, and other routine notes.
    • The Easy to use interface of the Clary 4200X Departmental Cross Cut shredder is further enhanced with the introduction of intuitive Keypad to control shredder operations and reverse Jam The innate interface and flexible monitoring saves time and allows your users to be more productive. The ample Bin size of 38.5 Gallons requires less dumping and is made automated. Built-in LED illuminates if the Bin is occupied or is pulled out of the position, and stops shredding. Thermally protected motor and tested closed tooth wheel drive prevents penetration of dirt and slows wear, increasing the service life of the shredder.


    • Filling Hopper And Integrated Pre-Compactor: The Clary 4200X is designed to shred crumbled papers. It reveals an industry leading design with Filling Hopper and integrated Pre-Compacter to shred crushed and disintegrated papers with efficiency.
    • Electronic Eye: Electronic Eye is a smart sensor designed using Photoelectric cells to automate the process of shredding. When plugged in with a power source, the electronic eye perceives the availability of papers in the feed opening.  The shredder blade starts working if it senses the presence of papers in the feed or else turns to stop. The photoelectric sensing saves time and increase the effectiveness of the shredder.
    • Intuitive and User Friendly KeyPad: The Clary 4200X Departmental shredder is designed to bring ease to the regular shredding process. Intuitive and user friendly Keypad makes it simple to perform continuous operations using the shredder and incorporates most frequently used function keys.
    • Reverse Button to encounter potential Jams: The Clary 4200X Departmental Shredder features reverse button to prevent unnecessary and unpleasant Paper Jams. When the amount of paper exceeds the suggested limit, the reverse button can be used to overturn excess papers and guard the shredder against the Jam.
    • Reasonable Bin Size:The huge 38.5 gallon bin gives you ample space to contain shredded material. Do more shredding and less dumping. The bin eliminates the need of frequent bin removal or dumping. Further, built-in indicator indicates the possible overflow of the bin and stops further shredding until the removal of shredded content.
    • Shred-able Material: The multipurpose Clary 4200X Cross Cut shredder can shred Paper, Paper Clips, Credit Cards, and Thermo Transfer Foils, with a durable cutter into 1/8" x 2" small pieces.
    • Level 3 Security: The Clary 4200X Cross cut is a moderate level  3 secure shredder. It is recommended to dispose of routine office documents, such as copies of meeting notes, vouchers/invoices, applications, and statements, etc.
    • Thermal Protection: The built-in thermal protection increases the life of motor and makes it available for use for longer periods. The attuned performance optimizer, driver, is designed to empower shredder usage and let you shred incessantly, without breaks.


    Manufacturer Part No.4200X
    Security level3
    Cut StyleCross Cut
    Cut Size1/8" x 2"
    Shred-able materialCredit cards , Floppy Disks , Optical disks (CDs/DVDs) , Paper Clips , Staple pins
    Sheet capacity40
    Machine Dimensions23”x16”x49”
    Throat size (inch)16
    Bin Size (Gallons)38.5
    Auto Start/StopNo
    Auto OilingNo
    Waste Bin TypePull-out Type
    Weight (lbs)192
    Warranty2 Years of Labor & Parts Warranty
    NoteTerms and Conditions may apply

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