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eBeam Engage


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eBeam Engage

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  • Present and Record audio/video lectures in real-time

  • Activates an area of up to 113'' diagonal

  • Plug and Play, No specialized trainings or installation cost

  • Wireless Keyboard

  • Built-in High Fidelity JBL, speakers and Mic

  • Multi function stylus

  • One-touch recording

  • Security key to unlock unit

  • Includes eBeam Education Software

Included Items

  • 1 Engage System

  • 1 Installation template

  • 1 Security key

  • 1 Interactive stylus

  • 1 Package of spare stylus tips

  • 2 Mounting brackets with spare adhesive

  • 1 RF keyboard with sleeve & USB charging cable

  • 1 Keyboard mounting plate for non magnetic surfaces



eBeam Engage combines the power of more than 10 interactive multimedia and navigation tools in a single, ready-to-use sleek console to make your corporate presentations and classroom lectures more effective and exciting.

The world's first complete multimedia console enables you to present and record videos, sounds, images, documents, PC applications, and much more! It transforms any traditional Whiteboard into an interactive Whiteboard and lets you control content rich Whiteboard with an ergonomically designed stylus.

The eBeam Engage device is attached to the board surface and requires no special skills or tool-costly installation. It preserves valuable teaching time and students remain engaged with interactive tools that can be used at the board or from anywhere around the room. Connect your audience with eBeam Engage and experience an improved and collaborative learning environment.


Plug and Play: eBeam Engage features plug and play functionality, the complete system calibration is contained in a single console. Just attach eBeam Engage Receiver to your Whiteboard and you are ready to conduct interactive presentations without any technical expertise.

Multimedia and Navigation Tools: The eBeam Engage comes with more than 10 multimedia and navigation tools including:

  • High Fidelity JBL® Speakers – It includes High Fidelity JBL speakers to communicate ideas loud and clear. You can present audio enabled videos, sound clips, and other audio files without any restraint.
  • Built-in Mic – eBeam Engage has a built-in microphone that can pick noise from up to 8-10 feet.
  • One-Touch Recording – You can record and save content including video, sound, images,  or any application simulation played or presented during the session with a single touch in real-time on your computer. 
  • Scroll Knob – Intuitive Scroll knob gives you the flexibility to conveniently scroll through detailed pages right from your board during the presentations. 
  • Line In/Out Audio Jacks - If you need an extra mic, eBeam Engage features a line-in audio jack for extra Mic. Similarly, a line-out audio jack allows you to record audio files on your computer for later reuse.
  • Volume Control – You can control the volume of your videos, sound clips, and animations with integrated volume control.
  • eBeam Home – With instant eBeam Home button, you can personalize your eBeam experience It gives you instant access and links to customizable and commonly used applications, folders, files, and URLs.
  • Kensington Lock Slots – To secure access to the board operations.

Interactive Stylus: The supplied interactive Stylus enables you to write and draw on the board. You can control applications, navigate PowerPoint presentations, resize images, and can make your presentations more engaging and comprehensive using embedded Tool Palette with interactive Stylus.

Wireless Keyboard: eBeam Engage includes touch sensitive wireless keyboard which allows you to enter text faster to quickly search and locate required content or resource, from anywhere in the classroom.


Manufacturer Part No.46002360
Area Activated96" x 60"
Function ButtonsNo
Weight (lbs)2
Power supply1 AAA Battery
2-screen Compressed CopyingNo
Input systemeBeam stylus
CPUPentium IV processor, 1.4GHz, PowerPC/Intel, 400MHz
Operating SystemsWindows XP, Vista, Windows 7, OS 10.5 or higher
Memory1 GB
Hard Disk200 MB or more available space
Warranty3 Years
NoteTerms and Conditions may apply

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