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Formax FD 8650CC AutoOiler Office Shredder

Formax FD-8650CC

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    • Cross Cut Office Shredder

    • Auto Oiler incorporated

    • Auto Start/Stop and Reverse Operation in case of Jams

    • Shreds Paper sheets, Paper Clips, Credit Cards, and Staples

    • Thermal overload protected massive 53 Gallon Shred Bin

    • Shred up to 28 sheets at once

    • Feed opening of 16”

    • Auto Cleaning and oiling Indicator

    • Self Diagnosis System

    • Safety Circuit Breaker

    • Ease of use with LED Control Panel



    • The Formax FD 8650CC is an intuitive AutoOiler Shredder for Office users. The Cross Cut Office Shredder features a dedicated and automatic Oiler.  The auto oiler lubricates the cutting blades periodically and optimizes performance and the speed of the Shredder. 
    • Industry leading design of Formax FD 8650CC, with a wide throat size of 16 inch, allows you to shred up to 28 sheets at a time and in small indecipherable pieces of 5/32” x 1 19/32”. The quick LED Control Panel includes commercial –grade functions and features such as Load Indicator, Motor Reverse Button for auto cleaning of machine, and Oil Indicator, etc.
    • The Shredder, Formax FD 8650CC includes Auto Reverse in case of unwanted Paper Jams, auto Start/Stop optical sensor to perform automated shredding, heat-treated steel blades for smart cut, lifetime guaranteed 26 Gallon shred Bin, powerful AC geared-motor to ensure reliable shredding, door safety sensor,  and Self-Diagnosis System for service technicians. All metal Cabinet mounted on Casters features quick portability throughout the premises.


    • Auto Oiler: The completely automatic Auto Oiler is incorporated internally. The Oiler pumps oil onto the cutting blades for optimal performance on periodic basis.
    • Auto Start/Stop Operations: The built-in Optical Sensor detects the availability of papers in the Feed Opening and performs auto start/stop operations without manual intervention.
    • LED Control Panel: The LED Control Panel makes shredding a snap. The easy-to-use and intuitive control panel features Load Indicator, auto-cleaning reverse button, Oil Indicator when the Shredder requires oiling, and other commercial-grade control options.
    • Door Safety Sensor: The Door safety sensor detects the status of cabinet door and if the door is opened, Formax 8650CC Motor stops automatically.
    • Jam Prevention: To prevent time-consuming Paper Jams, Formax FD 8650CC Office Shredder features built-in reverse control. The control switches motor into reverse loop to clear Jam, when a paper jam is observed.
    • Heat Treated Steel Cutters: Heat treated reliable steel cutters of Formax Cross Cut Shredder are designed to be deliver maximum performance for longer time period and require less oiling.
    • Powerful Geared Motor: The powerful and efficient AC geared motor comes incorporated in Formax 8650CC with Heavy duty Steel Gears for high volume shredding on regular basis without degradation and quieter operations.  Motor is also protected from thermal overload.
    • Portable: Formax 8650CC AutoOiler Office Shredder is designed with all-metal cabinet with casters. The Shredder is made perfect for organization-wide use and can be transported easily with flexible casters.
    • Intuitive Shred Bin: The Formax Cross Cut Shredder features a  massive 53 Gallon Shred Bin, ample for medium size organization, enterprise offices, and other facilities.  The Shred Bin comes built-in with an automated sensor – when the waste bin is full, the Shredder motor stops without indication. Formax offers Lifetime Guarantee on Heavy Duty Shred Bin.
    • Auto Cleaning: To save you from the rigors of routine cleaning, Formax 8650CC includes auto-cleaning mechanism. When the shredder needs cleaning, press reverse button for 5 seconds and motor will run in reverse mode for complete 1 minute to evacuate all the dust.
    • Self Diagnosis System: The Self Diagnosis System helps Formax users to record a variety of information regarding the usage and behavior of Shredder for service technicians.
    • Safety Circuit Breaker: Safety Circuit Breaker breaks connection with the motor in emergency situations and ensures safe operations throughout.


    Manufacturer Part No.FD 8650CC
    Security level3
    Cut StyleCross Cut
    Cut Size5/32 x 1 19/32
    Shred-able materialPaper,staples, paper clips and credit cards
    Sheet capacity26-28
    Machine Dimensions28 W x 24 D x 43 H
    Throat size (inch)16
    Bin Size (Gallons)53
    Jam Prevention TechnologyJam Free
    Auto Start/StopYes
    Auto OilingYes
    Waste Bin TypePull-out Type
    Weight (lbs)317
    Warranty1 Year
    NoteTerms and Conditions may apply

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