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Formax Office FD 8400SC Shredder

Formax FD-8400SC

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    • Strip Cut Shredder

    • All metal Gearing and cabinet

    • LED enabled Control Pad

    • Auto Start/Stop & Reverse Operations

    • Shreds Paper sheets, Credit Cards, CD/DVDs, Paper Clips, and Staples

    • Huge heavy duty Bin of 20 Gallons

    • Shreds up to 32 sheets at once

    • 12.2” wide Feed Opening

    • Perfect design for corporate Office users



    • The Formax FD 8400SC is an ideal Office Shredder. Built using commercial grade components and cutting-edge technologies, Formax FD 8400SC brings unprecedented ease-of-use in sleek and compact design. The FD 8400 fits into minimum space due to the practical design.  The level 2 Formax FD 8400SC shredders are ideal for shredding routine office documents such as receipts, notes, invoices, and other documents generated throughout the day, on the spot.
    • User-friendly LED Control Panel makes operations easier with one-touch interface. The FD 8400SC Shredder can shred up to 32 sheets at once with a speed of 30 feet per minute.  The FD 8400SC is made affordable and can shred Paper clips and standard staples in addition to paper sheets.  The optional EvenFlow™ Semi-Automatic Oiling System makes lubrication simple, faster, and automated.
    • Auto Start/Stop mechanism comes built-in with Formax shredders and eliminates manual intervention during shredding. The fast and smart Formax 8400SC Shredder incorporates a reverse button to prevent jams and automatically reverses papers if the machine capacity is met. The intuitive Bin of 20 Gallons integrates smart sensing technology and stops shredding if the Bin is full.


    • Auto Start/Stop: When using auto Start/Stop Function, the Formax 8400 reduces manual interference and automates shredding. One-click START button begins shredding of available paper sheets automatically and STOPS when the job is complete.  The green light indicates processing during auto mode.
    • LED Control Pad: The Formax FD 8400SC features a built in LED Control Pad to monitor and control operations. The easy-to-use control panel indicates Processing, Bin Overload, and Potential Jams.
    • EvenFlow™ Semi-Automatic Oiling System: The  optional EvenFlow™ Semi-Automatic Oiling System lubricates the cutting shafts based on motor run time, keeping the shredder in peak operating condition throughout the lifetime.
    • Reverse Button: The intuitive Reverse button prevents jamming of paper sheets during shredding. If the amount of inserted paper sheets exceeds machine’s capacity, the shredding shaft reverses sheets to discharge. Remove excessive amount of paper and shred without the hassle of jam.
    • Bin with Sensor: The 20 Gallon heavy duty waste Bin comes with a smart sensing module. If the Bin is full, the Formax 8400SC cutter stops shredding. Simply Open the shredder door, remove shredded papers, place Bin back into place, and continue shredding. The High density Waste Bin comes with  a Lifetime Guarantee.
    • Shred-able Material: The compact Formax 8400SC shredder can shred credit cards and Paper sheets with Paper clips and staples.
    • Heat Treated Steel Cutters: The Formax 8400SC is manufactured using all metal gearings. The special heat-treated steel cutters require minimal oiling and metal clips and staples cause no affect to the surface.
    • Portable: High-quality all metal cabinet with casters make the Formax office Shredder portable.


    Manufacturer Part No.FD 8400SC
    Security level2
    Cut StyleStrip Cut
    Cut Size1/4"
    Shred-able materialCredit Cards, Paper, CD/DVDs, Paper Clips, and Staples
    Sheet capacity30 - 32
    Machine Dimensions20 W x 20 D x 34 H
    Throat size (inch)12.5
    Bin Size (Gallons)20
    Jam Prevention TechnologyJam Free
    Auto Start/StopYes
    Auto OilingNo
    Waste Bin TypePull-out Type
    Weight (lbs)176
    Warranty1 Year
    NoteTerms and Conditions may apply

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