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KOBRA 240 HS-6 Office Cross Cut Paper Shredder

Kobra 240-HS-6

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KOBRA 240 HS-6 Office Cross Cut Paper Shredder

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  • Cross Cut Office Shredder preferred by Govt. and Military bodies

  • Shred a paper sheet in about 20,000 microchips, making it unreadable even with advanced electronic optical microscopes

  • Conserve Power with efficient Energy Smart Management System

  • Carbon Hardened Steel Cutting Heads

  • 9.5 Gallons automated Bin

  • Classified Level  6 Shredder

  • Super Potential Power Units  and 24 hours continuous Shredding 

  • Sound Level of 61 dba

  • 9.5” wide Feed Opening

  • Meets NSA CSS Specifications 02-01



  • The KOBRA 240 HS-6 is the Level 6 NSA/CSS approved High Security Shredder. Equipped with industrial high security features, the KOBRA 240 HS-6 –Energy Smart Shredder is ideal for shredding top secret and classified documents in enterprise offices and industries. Recognized for confidential shredding, the KOBRA 240 HS-6 cross cut shredder is optimized for military departments, government agencies, and international organizations and is being in use by the US Department of States, the CIA, the National Security Agency, and the members of the G8 Summits.
  • The Energy Smart Management System incorporated in the KOBRA 240 HS-6 Office Shredder eliminates power loss and when in Stand-by mode, it consumes zero power illuminated using optical indicator to save valuable resources. The feature also supports KOBRA’s green technology initiatives and offers unprecedented environmental protection. The specialized cutting head and shaft shred paper sheets in about 20,000 microchips, making them completely indecipherable and unreadable even with advanced electronic optical microscope.
  • The Super Power units designed with built-in and fast heavy duty chain drive and steel gears make shredding smarter and maximize the utilization of power during continuous 24 hours job. The Electronic Eye with stand-by function allows for automatic start and stop sensing the amount of material-to-be-shred in the Shredder Feed. The KOBRA 240 HS-6 High Security Cross Cut shredder requires no plastic shred bags and convenient removable Waste Bin of 9.5 Gallons offers quick disposal of shredded content.


  • Energy Smart Management System:  The KOBRA 240 HS-6 features Energy Smart Management System for secure and green shredding environment. The power management system prevents unnecessary power loss when in stand-by mode and consumes zero power indicated via an optical signal.
  • Special Cutting System:  The special cutting module can shred an A4 size computer sheet in about 20,000 micro-pieces to make computer sheet completely indecipherable and unreadable even if advanced electronic optical microscopes are used for information theft.
  • Classified Level 6 Shredding:  The KOBRA 240 HS-6 Office Shredder is optimized for highly secure level 6 shredding. Due to approved protection from information theft and unauthorized access,  the KOBRA 240 HS-6 is used by many Government and Military bodies.
  • 24 Hours Continuous Duty Motor:  Built with strong and powerful Super Potential Power unit enabled thermal protected Motor, the KOBRA 240 HS-6 Cross Cut Office Shredder can work for 24 straight hours without rest.  The carbon hardened cutting knives can shred up to 6 sheets in a snap.
  • 9.5 Gallons Bin:  The Office Cross Cut Shredder comes with the 9.5 Gallons Shred bin for quick disposal of shredded content. The Intuitive bin supports simple operations and when the waste bin is detected out, the shredder stops automatically, indicated with a light signal. The KOBRA 240 HS-6 High Security Shredder does not require disposable plastic bags.
  • Electronic Eye:  The Electronic Eye incorporated in the KOBRA 240 HS-6 offers auto Start/Stop operations. The photo-electric Electronic control mechanism detects the availability of paper sheets in the Feed Opening and runs or stops automatically as required, without manual interference.


Manufacturer Part No.240 HS-6
Security level6
Cut StyleCross Cut
Cut Size0.8x5 mm
Shred-able materialPaper
Sheet capacity6
Machine Dimensions14.5 x 13 x 22
Throat size (inch)9.5
Bin Size (Gallons)9.5
Auto Start/StopYes
Auto OilingNo
Waste Bin TypeDetachable Waste Bin
Warranty1 Year
NoteTerms and Conditions may apply

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