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MimioPad Wireless Tablet


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MimioPad Wireless Tablet

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  • Control your interactive Whiteboard from up to a distance of 30 feet

  • Plug and Play interface with wireless USB receiver

  • write, point, and click to navigate on the tablet

  • Pair up to 50 distinct systems to facilitate Multi-user participation to a single PC

  • Enable quick editing with MimioStudio

  • Write meeting protocols or lecture notes simultaneously on your tablet

  • Hassle free quick installation

Included Items

  • MimioPad tablet.

  • stylus.

  • USB RF wireless receiver.

  • USB mini-B cable (3 ft).

  • Pen tip extractor tool.

  • 2 replaceable pen tips.

  • Rechargeable Lithium-Ion type battery.

  • Optional pen tether.

  • 3 CDs containing installers for Windows (MimioStudio 7) in 12 languages; for Mac (MimioStudio 6.21) in English only.



MimioPad Wireless Tablet is one of the cutting-edge learning technologies produced by Mimio. It presents out-of-the-box learning environment across classrooms, meeting halls, and auditoriums with quick set-up and installation.

It facilitates a multi-user interaction between students and teachers with a single PC, allowing you to pair up to 50 distinct systems simultaneously. Like other Mimio products it works seamlessly with MimioStudio and enables quick on-the-fly editing.

Create collaborative learning environment and control or navigate an electronic Whiteboard from anywhere, up to a distance of 30 feet.


  • Function Buttons: The top panel accommodates 16 function buttons that are shortcut to the most frequently used functions.  The easily accessible function buttons make navigation simple and instantaneous.  You can access the most common operations of MimioStudio software from custom-tailored shortcut keys on the tablet
  • Wireless Setup: You don't have to worry about tripping over wires while you walk around. The MimioPad is set up with wireless connection, and you can be 30 feet away and it'll still work.
  • Short Hand: When you are at a distance from your station while presenting, you can write down quick notes in the MimioPad for future reference. You don’t have to bother about the paper sheets or pen to catch-up with the notes, written material can be conveniently edited later using MimioStudio.
  • Increased Collaboration: Your system can be paired with 50 MimioPads simultaneously to allow students to participate without leaving their seats.
  • Specifications

    Manufacturer Part No.1747666
    Area Activated6.4’’ x 8’’
    Weight (lbs)0.46
    Power supply3.7 V 700 mAh Lithium-Ion rechargeable battery
    InterfaceRF wireless - 2.4 GHz bidirectional
    2-screen Compressed CopyingNo
    Input systemStylus
    CPUWindows PC Windows compatible PC with Pentium II 750 MHz+ processor or equivalent Mac PowerPC G4 or better processors or Intel Processors, 700 MHz processor
    Operating SystemsWindows PC Windows XP SP2, Vista, Windows 7 Mac Macintosh OS X v. 10.4 or higher
    MemoryWindows PC 512MB or higher Mac 256 MB or higher
    Hard DiskWindows PC 400 MB or more available space Mac 200 MB or more available space
    Resolution2000 lpi
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