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Panasonic UB-5815 Electronic Whiteboard


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Panasonic UB-5815 Electronic Whiteboard

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  • Control operations with connected PC

  • Distribute recorded content in a variety of formats including TIFF, BMP, PNG and PDF

  • Prompt scan and print facility for board content

  • File Document Management System software

  • Integrated Printer prints files from Panaboard or your PC

  • Plug and play connectivity via built-in USB port

  • Print on standard or recycled papers

Included Items

  • Markers (One black, red and blue)

  • Eraser

  • Printer Driver

  • Document Manager and Document Viewer Software

  • Thermal Transfer Film (32.8') and 20 Letter Size Test Sheets



  • The one-touch design of interactive UB-5815 Panaboard enhances classroom lectures, board room presentations, and corporate presentation. This Panaboard can also work as a PC printer, if you want to print documents during a session, the built-in intuitive USB port makes it easy to connect printer and print out required documents right from the Panaboard. UB-5815 also features an integrated Panasonic Thermal Fusion plain paper Printer, standard connectivity with PC and USB.
  • The UB-5815 brings dual panel system, allowing presenters to toggle and present a variety of content with two separate whiteboard surfaces. This feature doubles the available whiteboard space without any additional costs associated with physical space.
  • The Panasonic Black and White Copyboard UB-5815 package includes standard Document Manager and Document Viewer utility software. You can capture and minutes of the meeting with Document Viewer and using Document Manager, you can file and distribute your meeting content quickly and easily by converting them into BMP, TIFF, JPG, PNG or PDF format.
  • UB-5815 includes wall mount, marker kit and product manual.
  • Features

  • Plug and Play: Unleash the potential of UB-5815 Panaboard with incorporated USB technology for quick connectivity, easy navigation and control, and maximum performance.
  • Panasonic Document Management System: The UB-5815 features exclusive Panasonic Document Management System (PDMS), making it easier than ever to save, organize, and view scanned content on your computer.  PDMS is a software application consisting of a file manager and a viewer, it includes:
    • User friendly Graphic User Interface (GUI) for quick and easy viewing of saved content
    • Thumbnail views
    • Easy drag-and-drop operations to facilitate hassle free and simple management
    • Complete access via a simple mouse click
    • Unprecedented support for BMP, TIFF, PNG and PDF files
  • TWAIN Driver: The TWAIN driver provides the flexibility of file management of captured images into TWAIN applications.
  • Wide-size Dual Panels: The UB-5815 features extended wide-size panels to accommodate even more content and information. The Dual panel presentation system makes available more space and allows presenter to use and write onto two panels at once. The feature adds additional physical space to the system free of cost.
  • PC Interface: The UB-5815 Panaboard model can be controlled from the connected PC. With a PC interface, you can capture keep record of presentation material and print PC documents on the Panaboard’s printer for prompt distribution of the content to the attendees.
  • Print on recycled Pages: The UB-5815 prints on standard or recycled copy paper with ease, increasing efficiency and meeting resource requirements in a cost effective manner.
  • Specifications

    Manufacturer Part No.UB-5815
    Area Activated35.4"H x 64.5"W
    Weight (lbs)59.5
    Power supplyAC 100-120 V, 50/60 Hz
    Panel Type2 (endless type)
    Printing SystemFusion thermal transfer type
    Copy PaperStandard or recycled paper,A4 or Letter,8.5" x 98' (1/2" core)
    Copy ColorBlack
    Copy TimeApproximately 15 seconds per sheet
    Continuous Copies1 to 9 sheets
    Contrast AdjustmentTwo levels: Normal/Dark
    2-screen Compressed CopyingYes
    CPUPentium® II or higher processor
    Operating SystemsWindows® 98/Me/2000/XP
    Memory256MB or more
    Hard Disk100 MB or more
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