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PolyVision Touch Sensitive TS 820 USB Interactive Whiteboard


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PolyVision Touch Sensitive TS 820 USB Interactive Whiteboard

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  • Wide 104.3" diagonal screen with user friendly interface

  • Multi-sensory, responds to both finger and the stylus

  • Low glare and highly durable screen

  • Record and save meeting notes and drawings

  • Connect and equip with applications and devices via a USB or serial interface

  •  Integrates with Microsoft Net Meeting to communicate over internet or intranet

  • Includes RM Easiteach and Qwizdom student response software

  • LightningTM one touch Calibration Technology

  • Bluetooth enabled

Included Items

  • RM Easiteach® Software with full content

  • toolbars on CD-ROM

  • One 3.25" (830mm) round eraser

  • USB 5m Cable

  • Stylus

  • User Guide



  • The PolyVision TS 820 USB is a touch-sensitive interactive Whiteboard, designed to liven up classroom lectures, boardroom meetings, and corporate trainings with interactive and collaborative learning environment. The board can be controlled easily via your fingers or with the help of interactive stylus supplied with the board.
  • Intuitively built glossy surface of TS820 Whiteboard prevents glare and minimizes reflection from the projector allowing your students or audience to focus on lecture content without worrying about light strains and reflection.
  • Annotate PowerPoint presentations and images, write notes, draw comprehensive diagrams to elaborate topic, and save them in a digital media format for later distribution via email, or printing. The complete solution comes with RM Easiteach Software or the Qwizdom’s WizTeach software to make learning and presentation more seamless, interactive, and attention-grabbing, while reducing time and the amount of efforts.
  • Features

  • Inspire Teaching: The TS series interactive whiteboard feature simple Plug-and-Play capability that allows instructors to get up and start teaching immediately, no special training required. The user-friendly interface is easy to us and keeps students engaged throughout the lecture.
  • Multi-Sensory: You can control and navigate content on the board via your fingers or with interactive stylus, board responds to both. The touch-sensitive board with its multi-sensory surface turns any traditional lecture into interactive classroom, with features that make learning more effective.
  • Multimedia Support: TS820 keeps students engaged at every level. It can run Web browser, Microsoft Office, The Geometer’s Sketchpad, and Inspiration etc. You can reduce note taking by inscribing and saving board notes digitally, highlight lessons, open Web references during the presentations, and communicate with graphic software using your finger or the stylus.
  • Capture and Save: You can record and save your board content or notes to your Computer directly in digital media files. The saved notes can be printed for manual distribution, shared globally via email, or can be uploaded on corporate network for immediate and easy access to all lesson content.
  • Defy wear and tear: The PolyVision TS-820 Whiteboard is designed to flex under pressure and the board’s frame remains intact to the rigors of any K-12 classroom or corporate boardroom. The surface is virtually indestructible and has the lowest gloss on the surface for better and clearer images and presentation.
  • LightningTM one touch Calibration Technology: With LightningTM one touch Calibration Technology, you can realign projected images on the whiteboard immediately with a press of a button, no more time-consuming and tedious calibrations!
  • Bluetooth Communication: Communicate with your PC from anywhere in the room via a wireless Bluetooth connection.
  • RM Easiteach Software: The educational software, RM Easiteach suite, comes with the board and adds flexibility and a new dimension to your classroom lessons. The RM Easiteach Software enable interactive learning and allows you to:
  • Select from a library of more than 2,000 images to illustrate your lessons
  • Save time on lesson plans and in class by eliminating the neew to write, draw, rewrite, and redraw frequently accessed information
  • Increase student involvement and understanding with visual and animated models to represent complex concepts
  • Qwizdom: TS Series incorporates the Qwizdom student response system to assess student retention, comprehension level, and adaption to the course content. The software:
  • Makes content audience centric and adapted to the learning needs
  • Increases student participation
  • Ensures student understanding
  • Specifications

    Manufacturer Part No.TS 820
    Area Activated104.3" Diagonal
    Weight (lbs)70
    Power supplyUSB powered
    Finger-Sensitive InputUser-defined Touch Ring controls up to four functions
    Surface MaterialTouch-sensitive, low-glare, stain-resistant, and projection-optimized Teflon surface
    InterfaceUSB 2.0
    2-screen Compressed CopyingNo
    CPUWindows PC Windows compatible PC with Pentium II 400 MHz+ processor or equivalent Mac Power PC or Intel processor
    Operating SystemsWindows PC Windows 98, SE, 2000, ME, XP, or Vista® Mac Mac OS 10.2 or higher
    Memory256 MB or higher
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