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Hitachi WT-1 Wireless Tablet


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Hitachi WT-1 Wireless Tablet

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  • Connect with your PC from up to 30 feet away without cables

  • Interactive toolbar

  • Pair up to 7 devices and communicate simultaneously

  • Import Microsoft Office files

  • Recognize and export handwritten notes to a variety  format

  • Includes Starboard software suite

  • Perform wireless operations for straight 16 hours without worrying about battery recharge

  • 16 Programmable function keys

Included Items

  • 2.4G RF adaptor

  • AC adaptor and plug

  • Stylus pen

  • AAA alkaline battery

  • Pen tip replacement pin w/2 Spare pen tips

  • USB cable

  • WT-1 Setup Software (CD-ROM) for Windows, Mac 2

  • Quick Start Guide



The Hitachi WT-1 is an intuitive Wireless Tablet that lets you take advantage of complete interactive Whiteboard in a handy, easy-to-port, and seamless package. With wireless connectivity, you can control your presentations, lectures, and boardroom meetings conveniently from up to 30 feet away from your PC.

Engage learners with multimedia resources such as videos, PowerPoint presentations, and Web pages, etc. , conduct interactive activities, and get instant support of variety of digital tools. Eliminate the hassle of setting up multiple networks and frustrating installations, the RF technology allows you to pair up to 7 devices with your tablet and makes teaching more resourceful right away.

The interactive Wireless Tablet, Hitachi WT-1, gives 16 customizable function buttons to synchronize and ensure swift access to most frequently used functionalities of board and Starboard rich media Software suite. The feature optimizes your experience with the board and meets your technical requirements in a single package.


Control from Far: The biggest advantage of the Hitachi WT-1 is that you're not stationed at one place. You can move around the classroom, carry Wireless Tablet with you, and you can still control your Computer with it.

Save Quick Notes: Whenever you are in a meeting, you can quickly write down notes using the Hitachi WT-1. You can save these notes for later use, or you can highlight Word and PowerPoint documents and edit them later on when you have more time. This way you don't have to run back and forth to grab a writing notebook and writing pen to write down important points.

Function Keys: There are 16 function keys at the top of the screen that you can customize to access most frequently used functions. These buttons can be pressed and used with the wireless pen.

Bluetooth Connectivity: You don't need any wires to set up the WT-1. It works on radio frequency, and can be connected with 7 other devices using the wireless connection. This would allow you to have multiple users interacting at the same time.
Writing Pen - A wireless pen comes with the Hitachi WT-1, and you can use it to operate or write with. It won't damage the screen's surface when you write with it.

Incorporated Starboard Software Suite: Hitachi WT-1 enables rich user experience with complete Starboard Software Suite. It brings following features:

    • User Friendly Toolbar to arrange and save tools to fit your specific needs according to students, specific subjects, or other criterion.
    • Import Microsoft Office files (PowerPoint, Word, or Excel), PDF, JPEG, and other formats directly into StarBoard and bring them to life with digital inks, spotlight tools, and other interactive features.
    • Increase comprehension of your lessons and illustrate content with a vibrant palette of digital inks, from translucent highlighter to colorful 3D. Mark-up and annotate documents, applications, images, and videos.
    • Engage students in cooperative learning, allow two students to write and interact on a lesson/presentation at the same.
    • Snap handwritten notes into neat text and search what you wrote in Google™ to pull and present images, articles, and relevant content to further exemplify key spots.
    • StarBoard resources include over 5,000 curriculum relevant images and background templates, an online resource center, community forum, and many more. Visit Educator Portal.
    • Get high quality educational resources of Cambridge University Press with Hitachi technology to take your courses, presentations, and lectures to a new level.


Manufacturer Part No.WT-1
Diagonal8“ x 6”
Function ButtonsNo
Weight (lbs)1.3
Power supplyRechargeable via USB / AC adaptor
2-screen Compressed CopyingNo
CPUIntel Pentium 4, 1.8GHz or higher
Operating SystemsMicrosoft Windows 2000/XP/ Vista / 7 (32 bit), latest service pack must be applied (Tablet PC, 64 bit, and Server Edition are currently not supported), Mac OS X 10.4, 10.5, 10.6 latest service pack must be applied.
Memory1GB or higher
Hard Disk600 MB or more available space
Warranty1 year warranty
NoteTerms and Conditions may apply

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