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MimioTeach Interactive System


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MimioTeach Interactive System

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  • Activates an area of up to 120'' diagonal with projector support

  • Convert any traditional whiteboard into an interactive whiteboard.

  • Browse the Mimio Gallery for ready-to-use lesson content.

  • Enliven lessons with audio, video and Flash files.

  • Record video lessons and audio files

  • Import existing lessons from Microsoft PowerPoint and Adobe Acrobat.

  • Save your whiteboard notes and drawings to your PC

Included Items

  • MimioStudio software

  • MimioTeach bar

  • MimioStudio software

  • MimioTeach stylus

  • MimioHub wireless receiver

  • USB micro-B cable (5 metres /16 feet)

  • 5 V 500 mA USB power supply

  • Magnetic mounting bracket



MimioTeach Interactive System puts technology on the whiteboard, not in the whiteboard. The innovative solution saves you from spending dollars on complicated and expensive equipment. You can use a single MimioTeach receiver in multiple classrooms; mount Mimio receiver to your Whiteboard magnetically and it is ready to use, the portable and lightweight device can be moved to a new spot or event easily.

MimioTeach Interactive System also brings MimioStudio software with which you can create interactive, engaging, and student-centered learning content. It encourages active learning and lets you control the flow of the information on your PC, directly from your whiteboard.

You can set-up MimioTeach Interactive System all by yourself in just few simple steps, no technical expertise required. The tiny MimioHub™ wireless receiver plugs into a USB port on your computer and enables automatic integration with the MimioTeach bar and stylus, the MimioVote assessment system and the MimioCapture ink recording system.


  • MimioTeach stylus: MimioTeach stylus is a slender, ergonomic pen that fits comfortably into hands of all sizes and allows you to navigate and control information on your PC right through your Whiteboard, with a wireless connection.
  • MimioStudio Software: The MimioStudio software provides you quick access to ready-to-use backgrounds, pictures and multimedia files, ability to import audio and video, handwriting recognition, and screen recording, etc. to make your presentations and lectures more comprehensive for viewers. 
  • Import and Reuse Content: You can import existing lessons from Microsoft PowerPoint and Adobe Acrobat to present them on your Whiteboard. Further, you can save your Whiteboard drawings and lecture notes to your computer for future reference and reuse.
  • Quick Recording: Using your computer’s microphone, you can record audio files played during the presentation. You can also record Whiteboard sessions as complete audio/video files for later use or distribution.
  • MimioHub™ wireless receiver: The tiny MimioHub™ wireless receiver offers out-of-the-box integration with various other Mimio tools including MimioTeach bar and stylus, the MimioVote assessment system and the MimioCapture ink recording system, instantly.
  • Specifications

    Manufacturer Part No.1762261
    Area Activated120’’ Diagonal
    Power supplyConnected to computer via USB—0.5 W Stand-alone with AC Adapter 110 V—0.75 W Stand-alone with AC Adapter 220 V—0.9 W.
    InterfaceUSB (USB 2.0 compliant) USB Cable—"micro-B" USB connector MimioHub will connect via USB to the PC
    2-screen Compressed CopyingNo
    Input systemStylus
    CPUWindows compatible PC with Pentium II 750 MHz+ processor or equivalent
    Operating SystemsWindows XP SP2, Vista, Windows 7
    Memory512MB or higher
    Hard Disk4000 MB or more available space
    Warranty2 years, extended to 5 years
    NoteTerms and Conditions may apply

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