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MimioVote Assessment System


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MimioVote Assessment System

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  • Variety of test designs to run flexible assessments

  • Active Button Highlighting

  • Compatible with Microsoft PowerPoint

  • Rechargeable handheld handsets

  • Import standard questions and publisher's content

  • Integrated wireless receiver

  • Automatic renumbering of handsets, when returned to the charging tray

Included Items

  • 24 or 32 MimioVote rechargeable hand-held devices packed in a durable metal storage case with foam-padded compartments.

  • Removable docking and charging station.

  • MimioStudio software (1 DVD).

  • MimioHub wireless receiver.

  • 5 V 3.0 A DC power supply and cable.



Attach Mimio Interactive + Capture to your computer and any traditional Whiteboard of up to an area of 4' x 8' and convert it into an interactive Whiteboard instantly. Use the interactive stylus to navigate, control, mark-up, and print desktop applications and documents directly from the Whiteboard.

MimioVote Assessment system requires no specialized training - it is easy-to-use and you can create a teacher-led or self-paced test with your own content using simple MimioStudio or Microsoft PowerPoint.

Built in Smarter Technology, MimioVote saves time and provides hassle-free assessments. With the Wireless receiver, MimioHub collaborates with the MimioVote system to send data instantaneously to your PC.


Portable Systems: The MimioVote rechargeable hand-held devices come packed in a durable metal storage case with foam-padded compartments. You can test a diverse audience with MimioVote and can take devices anywhere in the classroom to test various aspects.

Real-time Assessment: The MimioVote system gets you real-time assessment, eliminating human errs. Know the comprehension level of your student, determine outliers, and plan future lessons or presentations accordingly.

Tests Creation: Create tests by using MimioStudio templates or Microsoft PowerPoint. Select self-paced or teacher-led format and create quizzes with your own content, import publishers' content or import state standardized sets of questions.

Configuration and Settings: Built-in software automatically configures the clicker buttons for each test and the when returned to the recharging tray, the handheld devices used by students get renumbered automatically. Further, the seamless integration with MimioHub ensures secure and instant date transfer to your computer.

Student Accuracy: The light buttons ensures the accuracy of the student feedback. Only the appropriate and selected button lights up when the input is submitted.


Manufacturer Part No.1762263
Weight (lbs)8.4
Power supply5 V 3.0 Amps
2-screen Compressed CopyingNo
Input system8 response, 2 forward/backward buttons, and 1 Help button.
CPUWindows compatible PC with Pentium II 750 MHz+ processor or equivalent
Operating SystemsWindows XP SP2, Vista, Windows 7.
Memory512MB or higher
Hard Disk4000 MB or more available space
Range30 m (100 ft)
Dimensions25 mm x 90 mm x 61 mm (1 in. x 3.54 in. x 2.4 in.)
Warranty2-year warranty extended to 5 years on all hardware components except batteries
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