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Panasonic UB-8325 Interactive Panaboard


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Panasonic UB-8325 Interactive Panaboard

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  • 2 Non-Glare Projector Screens

  • Remote PC operations

  • Conduct Webcasts or Teleconferences

  • Functions as an Interactive Board, an Electronic Whiteboard, a projector screen and an Electronic Print Board

  • Built-in Printer

  • Instant Image Capture

  • Colorful Electronic Pens

Included Items

  • Electronic Pen.

  • AAA Battery.

  • Software CD-ROM.



  • The Panasonic’s interactive Panaboard, UB-8325, functions as an Interactive Board, an Electronic Whiteboard, a projector screen and an Electronic Print Board with plain paper – all in one. It gives you the flexibility to write directly onto one of the panels, project you desktop screens or presentations, interact with projected content, save meeting notes, and instantly print board content via a connected printer.
  • The Panaboard features USB interface with 2 non glare projector panels and abundance of interactive technological advancement. You can project your growth by saving board written and projected notes for later reuse directly into your computer. The Panaboard allows for remote PC operations.
  • Increase efficiency and reduce meeting time by using easy-to-install utility software and electronic pen, used in the same way as a computer mouse. Pen strokes can be recorded, captured, saved and replayed on top of PC applications. Panasonic UB-8325 interactive Panaboard is an ideal companion for PowerPoint® presentations.
  • Features

  • Board Modes: The intuitive design of UB-8325 Panaboard features three different modes of operations, including:
  • Panaboard Mode – Write on the board and print out notes instantly to increase efficiency of your presentations enabling quick distribution of board content and reducing meeting time.
  • Whiteboard Mode – Save meeting notes directly to your PC, empowering consistent information dissemination electronically via email or to a printer.
  • Projector Mode - Interact with projected content while controlling Windows® applications directly from the board.
  • Network Presentation: The notes you write on the surface can be saved on your computer. These notes can be shared over the network quickly facilitating instant review and revision of the presented information.
  • Built-in Printer: The UB-8325 features a monochrome built-in printer to print out board notes. The printer can use plain or recycled papers for printing and allows you to record archive and distribute meeting or presentation content in hard, paper based format.
  • Dual Panel: The Panasonic UB-8325 is a dual panel system. When the first panel is completely filled with notes, presenter can use the second panel by pressing a single button, without losing the content on the first panel.  The content on both panels can be printed simultaneously in a compressed, easy-to-understand format.
  • Teleconferencing: When used in combination with Microsoft® NetMeeting or teleconferencing equipment, the UB-8325 provides a cost-effective and real-time teleconferencing solution to access presentations from remote locations.
  • Remote PC Operation: Control you applications for Windows® right from the Panaboard using the included Electronic Pens like a computer 'mouse'.
  • Multipurpose Colorful Electronic Pens: You can track meeting notes, emphasize important keywords using color markers, and highlight content to project real knowledge to the audience in real-time using colorful electronic pens supplied with the board.
  • High Quality Projector Screen: The High-quality projector screen built with low reflection material displays crisp data and video images.
  • Quick Data Navigator: Data scanned from the board can be made available for editing quickly in organized and easy-to-access folders. The content of the folders can be checked by viewing thumbnail displays. This feature boasts efficiency by reducing the time to start-up an application in order to display or edit the required content.
  • Specifications

    Manufacturer Part No.UB-8325
    Area Activated62.1’’ Diagonal
    Weight (lbs)75
    Power supplyAC 100-120 V, 50/60 Hz
    Panel Type2 (endless scroll type)
    Printing SystemFusion thermal transfer type
    Copy PaperLetter size, 16-24 lb (60-90 g/m2) (Standard or recycled paper)
    Copy ColorBlack
    Copy TimeApproximately 15 seconds per sheet
    Continuous Copies1 to 9 sheets
    Contrast AdjustmentTwo levels: Normal/Dark
    2-screen Compressed CopyingYes
    CPUPentium® II or higher processor
    Operating SystemsWindows® 98/Me/2000/XP
    Memory256MB or more
    Hard Disk100 MB or more
    Warranty90-day warranty full parts and labor.
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