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PolyVision CopyCam Pro Image Capturing System


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PolyVision CopyCam Pro Image Capturing System

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  • Eliminate tedious note-taking with spontaneous collaboration and capturing

  • 3-button interface allows direct capture to printer,

  • diskette, or built-in Web server

  •  Wireless Bluetooth-enabled color printer included

  • Compatible with any marker or chalk board up to 48” high x 96” wide

  • Integrates with RoomWizard Room Scheduling System

  • Holds approximately 40 images on the Web Server and access them on LAN via any Web browser

  • Captures line drawings and writing in any color

  • Weighs less than 2 lbs and mounts easily

Included Items

  • User's guide

  • Installation Manual

  • Mounting templates

  • Power adapter with 15' (4.6m) cord

  • 15' (4.6m) 100-baseT Ethernet cable

  • 10' (3.04m) cable from arm to control pad

  • 24' (7.32m) of cable raceway in 4' (1.22m) sections

  • "Tilt-up" mounting bracket for camera arm



  • The PolyVision CopyCam PRO – an image capturing system is designed to elevate group dynamics to a new level. It is an easy-to-use board recording system that can be mounted above any whiteboard, up to 8 –ft, to capture board content for future use. The permanent, one-time installation keeps you prepared for spontaneous lectures, presentations, and meetings – without any additional set-up.
  • The CopyCom Professional features 3 function buttons to allow direct capture to printer, diskette, or built-in Web server. It weighs less than 2 lbs and captures lines, drawings, and writing in any color. The built-in camera offers a 3.5 megapixels resolution for crystal clear images and enhanced contrast.
  • The CopyCom Pro includes Wireless Bluetooth-enabled color printer to print out board content, Floppy Diskette Drive to Writes images to a standard IBM PC 3.5” formatted HD diskette, and a Web Server to store images and can be accessed from anywhere on a LAN using standard web browser.
  • Features

  • Capture: With 3.5 megapixels resolution, you capture your board notes and drawings in a variety of color with brilliant contrast and précised clarity. To board borders of the images, the capture tool automatically crops them.
  • Spontaneous collaboration: Let the stream of knowledge flow without restraints – communicate ideas, share information, or brainstorm, without missing a beat. The PolyVision CopyCam capture every bit of content written or drawn on the board in a snap, no set-up or configuration required. Once installed, CopyCam PRO is all geared up to capture your board content. Improve the efficiency of your classrooms or meeting halls, generate more ideas, and endure productivity with spontaneous CopyCam collaboration.
  •  Consistent Communication across the organization: The CopyCam PRO is ideal for multi-site companies, institutions, or geographically dispersed remote users over the local area network (LAN) or the Web. It maintains message consistency, in digital or printed communication.  You can capture the board notes with a single push of a button in your preferred format – print out or archive as a digital file to a Web server or a diskette. 
  • One Click Publishing: Incorporate RoomWizard Room Scheduling System and turn your CopyCam system into an automated emailer of notes immediately. RoomWizard maintains attendance record and emails recorded notes to the attendees with a single click.
  • Efficient Control: The intuitive CopyCam – Image Capturing Systems send voice prompts and 3-color LED provides status updates for the presenter.
  • Three in one: The CopyCam system turns any traditional whiteboard into a CopyBoard. You can write and draw on the chalkboard and CopyCam captures allows you to direct capture to  a printer, diskette, or built-in Web server.
  • Bluetooth-enabled Printer – It includes a wireless Bluetooth enabled printer which operates up to 25’ (7.62 m) from camera arm and can print-out in color. Floppy Diskette Drive – Formatted HD diskette to write images to a standard IBM PC 3.5. Each diskette can hold up to 10 images at a time. Built-in Web Server – It can hold up to 40 images approximately and can be accessed from anywhere on a LAN using standard Web browser. Images are retained even when power loss is experienced.


    Manufacturer Part No.CC Pro 81
    Area Activated48” x 96”
    Weight (lbs)2
    Power supply120V/240V, 50-60hz, 12W
    Camera Resolution3.5 Megapixels
    2-screen Compressed CopyingNo
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