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PolyVision eno Classic 2810 Interactive Whiteboard


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PolyVision eno Classic 2810 Interactive Whiteboard

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  • Active 96'' wide Diagonal area

  • Traditional markerboard, a magnetic surface, and an interactive whiteboard – three-in-one!

  • No Cords, no cables required

  • Write and erase with ease using dry-erase markers

  • Built with magnetic ceramicsteel

  • Bluetooth enabled stylus

  • Includes RM Easiteach Software

  • No Power adaptor required

  • Get three interactive whiteboards simultaneously with Mini Slate

Included Items

  • Bluetooth-enabled stylus,

  • Movable magnetic icon strip,

  • One AAA battery,

  • Two replacement stylus tips,

  • Bluetooth receiver for Windows or Macintosh (USB interface),

  • PolyVision driver



  • The PolyVision eno 2810 is a next-generation interactive whiteboard. This intuitive board can be used as a traditional whiteboard and an interactive whiteboard; you can write or draw on the board with a regular dry-erase marker or interactive stylus.
  • Built with Ceramic Steel, the board requires no cables, cords, or costly installations.  The virtually indestructible surface of the board prevents damages caused by rigor of K-12 or corporate training environments and retains efficient performance. It also allows you to place graphs and maps via magnet on the board.
  • You can navigate through documents, presentations, and Web sites running on your PC right from the board. Also, you can save all the board notes in digital formats to post to a server, print, or distribute via email.
  • The clutter-free PolyVision eno2810 integrates seamlessly with PolyVision Mini Slate. The integration allows you to have 3 interactive whiteboards simultaneously, you can set-up 2 Mini Slates and 1 2810 or 1 Mini Slate and 2 2810 to get 3 interactive whiteboards at the same time.
  • Features

  • One-in-Three: PolyVision eno 2810 interactive whiteboard features traditional markerboard, a magnetic surface, and an interactive whiteboard in a single package. You can use dry-erase markers on the eno 2810 surface without causing any damage, use interactive stylus to navigate and control content on your PC from the board, or hold magnetic graphs and maps to make your classroom comprehensive and elaborate subject efficiently.
  • Simultaneous Inputs: With the eno Mini Slate, you can have 3 interactive whiteboards simultaneously. The new eno 2810 collaborates with Mini Slate to incorporate simultaneous input from up to three users at a time.
  • Interactive Stylus: The eno 2810 consolidates all technical components into an innovative Bluetooth-enabled stylus, making the board virtually maintenance-free. You can navigate, scroll, and control PowerPoint Presentations, Web pages, and documents on your PC with the stylus.
  • Electronic Free Board: The board is designed electronic-free i.e. there are no electronics on the board. The Bluetooth enabled stylus communicates with the board and the PC.
  •  Magnetic Icon Strip: The eno 2810 can be used with a movable magnetic strip. The strip can be placed anywhere on the board to access quick function buttons such as highlight, erase text, and scroll etc.
  • RM Easiteach Software: The educational software, RM Easiteach suite, comes with the board and adds flexibility and a new dimension to your classroom lessons. The RM Easiteach Software enable interactive learning and allows you to:
  • Select from a library of more than 2,000 images to illustrate your lessons
  • Save time on lesson plans and in class by eliminating the neew to write, draw, rewrite, and redraw frequently accessed information
  • Increase student involvement and understanding with visual and animated models to represent complex concepts.
  • Greener Solution: eno 2810 is the only environmentally certified writing surface in the world. It is made from all recyclable materials and reduces hazardous substances, improves indoor air quality, and provides a safer and less cluttered classroom environment.
  • Specifications

    Manufacturer Part No.eno 2810 A
    Area Activated96" Diagonal
    Weight (lbs)82.5
    Power supplyNo power required
    Finger-Sensitive InputUser-defined Touch Ring controls up to four functions
    Surface Materiale3 environmental ceramicsteel whiteboard
    InterfaceUSB 2.0
    2-screen Compressed CopyingNo
    CPUWindows PC Pentium processor Mac PowerPC or Intel microprocessor
    Operating SystemsWindows PC XP, Tablet XP service pack 2 or above, or Vista® Mac OS X 10.3.9 or higher
    Memory512 MB or higher
    Warranty10 Year Warranty
    NoteTerms and Conditions may apply

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