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PolyVision eno flex 100 Interactive Whiteboard


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PolyVision eno flex 100 Interactive Whiteboard

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  • 77.84" diagonal interactive space

  • Traditional dry-erase and interactive whiteboard, combined

  • Wireless Bluetooth-enabled interactive stylus

  • Indestructible e3 ceramicsteel surface with Forever Warranty

  • No power required for the ēno flex board

  • Cable-free operations

  • Connects with your computer and Projector

Included Items

  • Slate

  • Stylus

  • AAA battery

  • PolyVision driver software

  • Bluetooth radio dongle

  • (2) spare stylus tips



  • The PolyVision eno flex 100 is the first multi-surface solution that is designed to meet multiple needs in a single package, saving time and cost. It combines traditional dry-erase surface with interactive whiteboard and facilitates various teaching styles in a classroom or a lecture hall.
  • Built with PolyVision’s virtually indestructible e3 ceramicsteel surface, eno flex boards are made durable, guaranteed from damage, and warranted forever. The single cable-free board eliminates the hassle of cords and wired connections and can be installed easily.  eno boards contain no volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and are recyclable.
  • eno flex interactive boards integrates conventional time-tested lighting and display characteristics with cutting-edge technology to give schools, corporate, and businesses the power to experience  interactive whiteboard technology.  You can use dry-erase markers or the interactive stylus to control and navigate content on your board. Connect eno flex with your computer or projector to capture interest and make learning more interactive with RM Easiteach or WizTeach software included.
  • Features

  • Two in One: The eno flex is an intuitive two-in-one solution. It facilitates teachers with the option to use it as a traditional dry-erase whiteboard or an interactive whiteboard that can be used with a Bluetooth enabled stylus pen.   
  • Magnetic Icon Strip: The eno flex 100 board features movable magnetic strip. The strip can be placed anywhere on the board to access quick function buttons such as highlight, erase text, and scroll etc.
  • Interactive Stylus: The eno flex 100 consolidates all technical components into an innovative Bluetooth-enabled stylus, making the board virtually maintenance-free. You can navigate, scroll, and control PowerPoint Presentations, Web pages, and documents on your PC with the stylus. The board comes with two replaceable stylus tips.
  • No Power Required: The eno flex boards require no power. These boards are designed to operate as the stand-alone platform for learning and presentations. However, to avail flexibility and introduce feature rich characteristics, you can connect your eno flex 100 board with a computer or a projector, instantly via a simple USB connection.
  • Magnetic Ceramicsteel: The magnetic ceramic steel surface of the board allows you to place and hold maps, graphs, and other teaching aids using magnetic.
  • RM Easiteach Software: The educational software, RM Easiteach suite, comes with the board and adds flexibility and a new dimension to your classroom lessons. The RM Easiteach Software enable interactive learning and allows you to:
  • Select from a library of more than 2,000 images to illustrate your lessons
  • Save time on lesson plans and in class by eliminating the neew to write, draw, rewrite, and redraw frequently accessed information
  • Increase student involvement and understanding with visual and animated models to represent complex concepts.
  • Forever Warranty: PolyVision warrants that the e3 environmental ceramic steel writing surface sold by PolyVision in all visual display products will maintain its features including surface gloss variance, color consistency, writing and erasing qualities, etc. as long as the product is installed and in use under normal circumstances. If the surface fails to conform to the statement, the Forever Warranty becomes apparent. Then, PolyVision will be responsible to repair or replace the board to correct such non-conformity. For more information, please DOWNLOAD complete Forever Warranty statement.
  • Green Solution: The e3 environmental ceramicsteel™ ēno and dry-erase surfaces are Cradle-to-CradleSM Silver and SCS Indoor Advantage Gold® certified, contain no volatile organic compounts (VOCs) and are recyclable.
  • Specifications

    Manufacturer Part No.eno flex 100
    Area Activated77.84" Diagonal
    Function ButtonsNo
    Weight (lbs)170
    Power supplyNo power required
    Surface Materiale3 environmental ceramicsteel
    2-screen Compressed CopyingNo
    CPUWindows PC Pentium processor Mac PowerPC or Intel microprocessor
    Operating SystemsWindows PC XP, Tablet XP service pack 2 or above, or Vista® Mac OS X 10.3.9 or higher
    Memory512 MB or higher
    WarrantyForever Warranty on the e3 environmental ceramicsteel surface, Ten-year warranty on the trim, mounts, etc.
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