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eBeam Edge Projection


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eBeam Edge Projection

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  • Turn any Whiteboard into an Interactive Whiteboard

  • Compatible with any Digital Projector, including High Definition Projectors

  • Control your computer applications right from the board with Interactive Stylus

  • Activates a wider area of up to 123'' diagonal

  • Conduct interactive Live meetings over the Web with Scrapbook Software

  • Portable and Lightweight, take it anywhere



The eBeam Edge lets you transform any flat surface such as traditional Whiteboards, walls, tabletops, or even glass into an interactive Whiteboard in minutes. The lightweight and portable eBeam Edge can be paired with any standard digital projector including High Definition projectors. You can control, present and annotate PowerPoint, educational software, documents, or other teaching aid residing on your PC right from the board.

The system weighs less than a pound and can be set-up and calibrated without any hassle. It comes with an easy-to-use stylus and powerful interactive software. The comfortable interactive stylus functions like a mouse for accessing and controlling interactive whiteboard.

The interactive software, eBeam Scrapbook, includes out-of-the-box content sharing and collaboration features to let you communicate ideas, create interactive lessons, record brainstorming sessions, and share documents to a global audience in real time. It empowers businesses with a collaborative learning environment and a two-way workspace, anywhere, anytime!


Dual Compatibility: eBeam Edge works with standard digital projectors and computers. It integrates effortlessly with your existing IT infrastructure and provides a complete solution to all your communication and collaboration needs, at a fraction of cost of a traditional system.

Meeting Sharing: The solution incorporates free and secure meeting sharing feature to help you reduce the need to travel and lodging expenses. With the ability to record, you can collaborate effectively with your global colleagues and can share content in real-time from any location.

Recording: eBeam Edge eliminates the hassle of reconstructing meeting notes and presentations, save any content including whiteboard notes and screenshot. Content can be saved in a variety of formats including PDF and JPEG.

Live Manipulation: Enliven PowerPoint presentations, navigate desktop applications, manipulate images, and edit documents on-the-fly during the presentation and record them instantly. Bring efficiency and interactivity in your brainstorm sessions, meetings, presentations, and classroom lectures with quick manipulation.

eBeam Scrapbook Support: eBeam Scrapbook is a unique application that combines the most popular features from the most popular software titles to improve collaboration through the eBeam Edge Projection device.

Mark up Content: With ergonomically designed interactive stylus, you can mark-up or annotate any content on your computer such as Office documents, Webpages, images, and more.

Electronic Pen: The small, lightweight, and comfortable electronic pen includes left-click, right-click, and a special button for accessing the innovative on-screen tool palettes.


Manufacturer Part No.46000870
Area Activated123'' Diagonal
Positional Resolution+/-1.5 m
Weight (lbs)2.6
Power supply1 AAA Battery
InterfaceUSB or Bluetooth Port
2-screen Compressed CopyingNo
Tracking TechnologyUltrasound and Infrared
CPUPentiumâ„¢ IV processor, 1.4GHz,
Operating SystemsXP, Vista, Windows 7
Memory1 GB or more
Hard Disk120 MB or more available space
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