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QOMO QIT30 RF Wireless Tablet


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QOMO QIT30 RF Wireless Tablet

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  • 8’’ x 5’’ effective writing area with high resolution

  • Built with 2.4G Hz advanced RF Technology

  • Quick and User friendly interface  

  • Recharge battery via a simple USB connection with your computer

  • Built in LCD indicator panel

  • Intuitive express keys controls page Up/Down and adjusts volume

  • Flow! Software allows collaboration with Doc Camera, Camcorder, and Firewire

  • Export notes and annotate into a variety of formats including PPT, PDF, JPEG and HTML

  • Energy saving top-notch interactive stylus

Included Items

  • 2 Wireless pens,

  • wall mounting kit

  • USB cable



  • The QOMO QIT30 RF Wireless Tablet is a breakthrough 2.4G wireless solution and interactive technology that allows you to connect and collaborate with people in the classroom or the boardroom meeting.  You can set-up and use multiple tablets at a time in the same vicinity without any crossover interference or noise. The advanced RF technology allows instructors to move about liberally in the classroom, meeting hall, or the presentation space - They no longer have to be tethered to the front.
  • Sleek and modern QOMO QIT30 RF wireless tablet makes communication feasible on-the-go and introduces a new dynamics to the classroom lectures and presentations. It inspires creativity and lets you draw, write notes, annotate, edit images, and navigate computer applications without being attached to a computer or a desktop.
  • The wireless tablet communicates and integrates with a variety of software applications including
    • QOMO’s interactive Flow! Software to interact with, capture, and annotate files as well as motion video,
    • RM Easiteach software for efficient learning and collaboration with course specific customized toolbar and interactive features 
    • StarrMatica and Math Buddy to offer greater flexibility


  • Annotate and write: Using the intuitive stylus, you can annotate your PC applications, write notes, and manipulate presentations.  The portable and lightweight interactive wireless tablet makes it a snap to capture meeting notes and mark-up slides while moving about in the classroom. The recorded content can be archived in a variety of formats including PPT, PDF, JPEG and HTML to redistribute via email or post to a Web page immediately.
  • Interactive Stylus: The energy saving interactive stylus turns on and off automatically and lets you manipulate content on the tablet with precision.
  • Rechargeable Battery: The QOMO QIT30 integrates an unparalleled rechargeable Lithium Polymer battery to provide up to 25 hours of continuous cable-free operations. The battery can be recharged via a simple USB connection with your Computer.
  • Intuitive Keys: The interactive wireless tablet features 16 programmable macro keys for file linking and function settings and a set of express keys to control Page Up/Down (scroll) and adjust volume level.
  • LCD Indicator Panel: Built-in LCD indicator Panel allows you to keep track of your board activities.
  • Flow! Software: with intuitive Flow! Software supplied with the board, take advantage of following rich features:
    • Integration for classrooms, distance learning, and conferencing
    • Vector image format – takes less storage space and makes file transferring easier and faster
    • Settings for pen type, line width and color variations made to fit different user preferences
    • Teacher friendly tools such as spotlight, shades, rulers, geometry palette, timers and clocks provide a comprehensive package for instructors to engage their audience
    • Export files as PDF, PPT, HTML, and JPEG
    • Easy toggle between Flow! Software and other applications
    • Bring document camera images directly into Flow!
    • Available in 27 languages
    • Compatible with Window XP/Vista/7/Linux and Mac OS X Snow Leopard


Manufacturer Part No.PRODIGY QIT30
Area Activated7.8’’ x 5.9’’
Function ButtonsNo
Weight (lbs)1.22
InterfaceUSB Interface
2-screen Compressed CopyingNo
Operating SystemsMicrosoft Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7, Mac OS X 10.2.8 and above
Resolution2000 lpi
DisplayWireless 2.4G RF
Warranty1 year Limited Warranty
NoteTerms and Conditions may apply

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