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QOMO QRF-900 Audience Response System


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QOMO QRF-900 Audience Response System

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  • Interactive Instructor remote

  • Intuitive Student response pads with unique ID numbers

  • Portable Radio Frequency Receiver with 2.4G Hz radio frequency and automatic interference avoidance

  • Features direct communication between the instructor remote and the student remote, eliminating Computer

  • LCD and alpha-numeric interface

  • Durable, lightweight, and compact response system

  • Built-in QClick software for a variety of test formats from paper-based to oral and PPT, etc.

  • Get instant real-time results and responses in various formats

  • Export and import class lists in Excel format and convert PowerPoint presentations into quizzes with a single click

Included Items

  • Instructor wireless pad

  • Response Pad

  • Radio Frequency Receiver



  • QOMO QRF-900 Audience Response System is the most powerful and cost effective Interactive Wireless Audience Response System in the market. It is fun to use, easy to understand, and makes assessment fast and precise. The radio frequency QClick System not only integrates and collaborates with Microsoft PowerPoint but it can be used with any Computer application, flash file, or the Web site running on your computer.
  • The QOMO QRF-900 gives you the power of real-time feedback generation with a new LCD screen and full alpha-numeric keypad. It allows you to run ad-hoc quizzes and the instructor remote can send questions or queries to student remote directly, without any PC connectivity. Students can take their work home and can submit answers when they walk back into the classroom. You can use to quiz and test your students’ comprehension level in the classroom, gather feedback from your audience in a brainstorm session, or to poll attendees in a presentation space.  The intuitive device generates real-time feedback, and connects instructor and students with just a simple click of a button.
  • The embedded QClick software works in four different modes QClick Quiz Genius, QClick Exam Editor, QClick Template Designer, and QClick Reporting to gauge and report audience understanding, interest level, and performance in the form of succinct and comprehensive reports.


  • Instructor Remote: The presentation remote helps presenter to control the course activities with convenience. It facilitates greater control over the quizzes with a large color LCD display with 4 lines of display and 32 alpha-numeric characters.
  • Radio Frequency Receiver: The wireless 2.4 G Hz Radio frequency receiver connects to your PC via a simple USB connection and can be carried anywhere with the size of a thumb drive. The advanced RF technology relays two way communications and filters interference automatically.
  • Response Pad: Each response pad comes with an intuitive backlit LCD Display for submitting response and a unique ID number that can be set and reset by the instructor at anytime. It features a durable and lightweight design and collects response within in a matter of seconds.
  • Direct Communicate: The teacher remote can directly communicate with student remotes without a computer via radio frequency. It can send questions to the student remote without any intermediate connection.
  • Ad-Hoc Quizzes and On-screen questions: The feature allows teachers to type questions on their LCD screen with the alpha-numeric keypad and send them to the student remote as home work. They can also conduct ad-hoc quizzes to spot comprehension level of their students’ unprompted enabling interactive and collaborative instruction.
  • QClick Software: The QClick Software suite features modules to set-up classes, create assessments, design templates, manage student-teacher communication, and produce result oriented reports.  The QClick software supports a variety of medium from paper based exam to oral quizzes, PPT, XML, and more. User friendly editing tools allow you to make amendments in questions and generate Excel-compatible reports. Further, the QClick software lets you:
    • Gauge student performance individually, by class, or by subject
    • Export reports in various industry-leading formats including Rich Text Format (RTF), PDF, and Excel. Reports include: tracking student progress, analysis per question, academic summary, and report card.
    • Merge multiple sessions to conduct tests of the same subject for different student groups
    • QClick software ensures data integrity and security
    • Export and import class lists in Excel format
    • Convert PowerPoint Presentations into a quiz with a single click
    • Select between individual and group participation modes
    • Choose among many different activity modes such as Normal Quiz, Standard Exam, Home Work, Rush Quiz, Elimination, Vote/Inquiry, Ad-Lib Quiz, Hand Raise, and Roll Call with multiple correct answers
    • Make quizzes time constrained
    • Display instant results
    • Run quizzes on-the-fly without any prior preparation with Improv/Pop Quiz feature
    • Import XML exam file


Manufacturer Part No.QRF900
Function ButtonsNo
Weight (lbs)1
2-screen Compressed CopyingNo
TechnologyRadio Frequency
DimensionsInstructor Remote
Dimensions: 4.9" x 2" x .98"
Weight: 4.3oz
LCD: 1.7" Backlit LCD
Power Source: 2 AAA batteries
Dimensions: 4.9" x 2" x .98"
Weight: 4.3oz
LCD: 1.7" Backlit LCD
Power Source: 2 AAA batteries
Warranty2 years
NoteTerms and Conditions may apply

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