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Clary 4000S Industrial Strip Cut Paper Shredder

Clary 4000-S

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Clary 4000S Industrial Strip Cut Paper Shredder

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    • Excellent design for Heavy Duty Industrial use

    • Strip Cut Paper shredder with Level 2 security

    • Split-able massive 104 Gallons Bin

    • Shreds sheets and continuous forms, CD's, floppy disks, credit cards, licenses, and chip cards etc.

    • Touch sensitive keypad for Jam-Free continuous operations – up to 180 sheets at  a time

    • Mobile and convenient to use

    • Robust gear motor integrated with chain drive for maximum throughputs

    • Power Supply: 208V (3 Phase)

    • Noise level of 75 db



    • Clary 4000S is designed for large and enterprise organizations with heavy duty usage and large amount of regular shredding needs.  The 4000S Industrial Shredder features a number of unmatched features to minimize manual intercession and speed up shredding process. It introduces an innovative Conveyer Belt to feed in material and optimize loading of shred-able material to maximize efficiency.  The practical loading table makes it a snap to load any amount of material or paper for shredding.
    • The touch sensitive keypad brings convenience and allows shredder to continue shredding without hold-ups or Jams. The reverse button recognizes potential Jams and prevents them by reversing excess amount of sheets back to the stack.  The Clary 4000S industrial strip cut shredder is built mobile on wheels and can be moved from one location to another with ease.
    • The shredder also exhibits automated features such as auto stop when massive 104 Gallons Bin is completely occupied, when the Container door is open, or when there is a potential for Jams or hold-ups, etc. It includes a sturdy gear motor with chain drive to capitalize on throughput. The 4000S Industrial Shredder also incorporates multiple switches to restrict access to the potentially hazardous areas when the shredder is running.


    • Conveyer Belt and Loading Table: The Clary 4000S Industrial Strip Cut Shredder eliminates the hassle of loading papers by hand. It introduces Loading Table and Conveyer Belt to make the process simplified. You can stack up to 180 sheets for automated shredding on the loading table. The conveyer belt processes shredding and drives shredding material to the 17” wide feed opening.
    • Enormous 104 Gallons Bin: The bin size of 104 Gallons is sufficient to serve the needs of Enterprise organizations with excessive shredding needs. For added convenience, the Bin can be split into two sections for the removal of shredded content.  Two collection bags make handling easier and less hefty. Bin also features an automated full indicator.
    • Shred-able Material: The Clary 4000S can shred a variety of material in addition to individual and continuous paper sheets. It can shred CD's, floppy disks, credit cards, licenses, and chip cards without causing fatigue or imposing damage to the cutter.
    • Jam-Free Operation:The LED indicator indicates the impending of Jam and with the help of reverse button, you can respond instantly to prevent hold-ups and wastage of time.
    • Portable Solution: The transportation of the heavy duty Clary 4000S Industrial Strip Cut Shredder is made easy with the help of wheels. You can move 937 lbs Shredder with ease from one location to another.
    • Touch Sensitive Keypad: The touch sensitive keypad integrated in the Clary 4000S shredder allows for continuous operations and creates a user friendly operational environment. You can perform frequent operations right from the keypad without compromising the efficiency of the shredder.
    • Out-of-the-Box Security features: Built-in multiple purpose switches are incorporated in the Clary 4000S industrial shredder to meet health regulations and prevent the hazards of incidents when the shredder is running. Switches are used to restrict operator access to the potentially dangerous areas during shredding.
    • Integration of Vertical Baler: The 4000S Strip Cut shredder design allows integration with the optional model 40VL Vertical baler to shred right into the baler and the shredded material goes either into a cardboard box or to a plastic bag.
    • Level 2 Security: Clary 4000S Strip cut is a basic level secure shredder. It is recommended to dispose- of routine office documents, such as copies of meeting notes, vouchers/invoices, applications, and statements, etc. 


    Manufacturer Part No.4000S
    Security level2
    Cut StyleStrip Cut
    Cut Size1/4
    Shred-able materialCredit cards , Floppy Disks , Optical disks (CDs/DVDs) , Paper Clips , Staple pins
    Sheet capacity130
    Machine Dimensions45 x 61 x65
    Throat size (inch)17
    Bin Size (Gallons)104
    Auto Start/StopNo
    Auto OilingNo
    Waste Bin TypeMobile Waste Container
    Weight (lbs)937
    Warranty1 Year of Labor & Parts Warranty
    NoteTerms and Conditions may apply

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