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DESTROYIT 4107SC High Capacity Strip Cut Industrial Shredder

Destroyit 4107SC

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DESTROYIT 4107SC High Capacity Strip Cut Industrial ShredderFree Shipping

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    • High Volume Strip Cut Shredder

    • Approved Level 2 security

    • Enormous 79 Gallon shred bin with auto Power Cut-Off

    • Smart safety lock and key interface, main switch, and emergency stop button

    • Powerful 3 phase motor

    • Doubled protection against overheating

    • Shred Paper sheets, CDs, staples and paper clips

    • Hardened Steel and Soft Metal resistant Cutting Shafts

    • Centralized and convenient oiler

    • Removable side tables to extend work space

    • Shred up to 140 sheets in a single pass



    • The DESTROYIT 4107SC is an optimized and high capacity Strip Cut Shredder designed for enterprise users with daily high degree shredding needs. The 4107SC Strip Cut Shredder brings an array of industrial features and demonstrates high security, larger bin size, and continuous shredding to improve overall efficiency of the organization.
    • The front loading feed hoper is incorporated in the DESTROYIT 4107SC High Capacity Industrial Shredder to facilitate shredding of material such as crumpled paper, books, and stacks of sheets. You can feed mass material into the shredder feed with the help of special rotating paddles to enhance the ease of use. The DESTROYIT 4107SC High Capacity Strip Cut Shredder also features photo-electric detection of paper sheets and auto start/stop functions. Similar to other DESTROYIT models, the 4107SC Strip Cut Shredder recommends the use of intuitive one-touch multifunction switch with back lit symbols and color codes to control and monitor auto Start, Stop, Standby, and Reverse operations.
    • Designed using High quality hardened steel cutting shafts, the DESTROYIT 4107SC can shred Paper sheets, CD/DVDs, and hardbound documents. Incorporating safety features such as integrated lock and key interface, emergency stop button, and main switch – the DESTROYIT 4107SC industrial shredder is made reliable and affordable for Enterprise organizations.  The electrical Jam indicators warns of potential jams in advance and intuitive reverse function can be used to resolve potential jams by reversing excess amount of papers from the feed.


    • Removable side tables: Innate side tables in the DESTROYIT 4107SC Strip Cut Shredders provide additional workspace for enterprise users. This extended workspace is designed detachable and can be used to stack and place piles of papers, books, CD/DVDs, and other material to be shred.
    • Intuitive Quick Control:  The DESTROYIT 4107SC brings comprehensible and easy-to-use quick control interface with optical indicators. The accessible control panel features one-click buttons for start, stop, and reverse, while the optical indicator presents operational status using color codes and back lit symbols.
    • Jam Free Operations:  The smart DESTROYIT 4107SC involuntarily cuts power in case of paper jams. The built-in photo-electric sensing system detects the level of paper sheets in the feed tray, anticipates potential jams, and reverse backs the excessive amount of paper to resolve and eliminate jams.
    • Centralized Oiler:  The centralized oiler provides instant and efficient lubrication of the cutting head. The convenient oiler saves time and increases the life of shredder with continual lubrication.
    • Soft Metal resistant Cutting Shafts:  The DESTROYIT Industrial shredder introduces hardened steel cutting shafts that are soft metal resistant and can take Paper sheets with staples or clips, CD/DVDs, and hardbound documents. The cutting shafts come with a lifetime warranty.
    • High powered 3 phase motor:  The Intelligent design of DESTROYIT 4107SC Strip Cut Industrial shredder features high-impact and powerful 3 phase motor recommended for continuous operations. The motor gears are enclosed in dust proof housing to prevent damage or malfunctioning from dust. Also, the built-in thermal power switch prevents overheating.
    • Massive 79 Gallon Bin:  The enormous 79 gallon bin is designed to facilitate the needs of enterprise organizations with high volume shredding needs. Due to sufficient capacity of the bin, you don’t need to bother about dumping bin content frequently. Further, it includes the pull out bag frame mechanism mounted on rollers for simple replacement of disposable shred bags to avoid regular dumping. The smart sensing mechanism allows automatic power-cutoff when shred bag is full or the cabinet door is opened.
    • Increased Security:  The DESTROYIT 4107SC Strip Cut Shredder ensures increased security with safety lock and key interface, main switch button, and emergency stop button.
    • Mounted on heavy duty casters:  The DESTROYIT 4107 Industrial Shredder comes mounted on heavy duty casters to improve portability of the shredder.


    Manufacturer Part No.4107SC
    Security level2
    Cut StyleStrip Cut
    Cut Size1/2 or 3/8 or 1/4
    Shred-able materialPaper, Paper Clips, Staples, flopy disks, CD/DVDs, and Credit Cards
    Run/Cool down TimeRun time: Continuous
    Sheet capacity120-140
    Machine Dimensions67" x 48 3?4" x 56 3?6"
    Throat size (inch)16
    Bin Size (Gallons)79
    Jam Prevention TechnologyJam Free
    Value-Added FeaturesAuto Reverse, Auto Start/stop, Auto Oiling, Jam Prevention Technology
    Auto Start/StopYes
    Auto OilingYes
    Waste Bin TypePull-out Type
    Weight (lbs)952
    Warranty1 year warranty
    NoteTerms and Conditions may apply

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