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KOBRA 240 SS4 TURBO Strip Cut Multipurpose Energy Smart Office Shredder

Kobra 240-SS4-T

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KOBRA 240 SS4 TURBO Strip Cut Multipurpose Energy Smart Office Shredder

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  • Intuitive Strip Cut Shredder

  • Incorporates Energy Smart Management System

  • Turbo Boost – 30% extra shredding capacity

  • Super Potential Power Unit

  • Smart Electronic Eye for auto Start/Stop

  • Multipurpose - shreds Paper sheets, Credit Cards, CD/DVDs, Floppy Disks, Paper Clips, and Staples

  • Intuitive Bin of 9.5 Gallons

  • Feed opening of 9.5”

  • 24 hours continuous shredding support



  • The KOBRA 240 SS4 TURBO Shredder is a strip cut multipurpose shredder. The Turbo Boost allows for up to 30% extra shredding capacity. The shredder is designed to consume zero power in stand-by mode, illuminated using an optical indicators. The energy smart shredders are recommended for small or medium size offices and enterprise users. The level 2 KOBRA 240 SS4 T reduces preventable power loss and protects environment from emission of carbon. The innovative Strip Cut shredder can shred Paper sheets, paper clips, staples, and Credit cards using the carbon hardened steel knives.
  • The robust and sturdy motor incorporated in the KOBRA 240 SS4 TURBO can perform 24 hours continuous shredding without deprivation in performance. The super potential power unit in the KOBRA 240 SS4 TURBO Shredder consists of heavy duty chain drive with steel gears and makes shredding reliable and stress-free.
  • The electronic eye configuration provides automatic start and stop through smart sensing mechanism and stand-by function. The 9.5 Gallons intuitive Bin is equipped with light signals and requires no plastic bags. With an unbeatable speed of 22 ft./min, the shredder is built to consume up to 23 sheets in a pass.


  • Energy Smart Management System:  The KOBRA 240 SS4 TURBO is designed equipped with the “ENERGY SMART” management system and incorporates an optical illuminated indicators for zero power consumption in Stand-by mode and environmental protection.
  • Automatic Electronic Eye Control:  Using the automatic Electronic Eye, business users can perform hassle-free shredding. The interface requires no manual interface and smart sensing system detects and shreds paper based on availability, auto start/stop operations are observed with the Electronic Eye and Stand-by functions.
  • Carbon Hardened Steel Cutters:  The robust KOBRA 240 SS4 TURBO Shredder incorporates Carbon Hardened Steel Cutters. The powerful cutting shaft shreds paper, paper clips, staples, and credit cards equally well without registering any affect.
  • Removable 9.5 Gallons Bin:  The KOBRA Strip Cut Office 240 SS4 TURBO comes with an ample 9.5 Gallons shred bin for less frequent dumping.  The removable bin is optimized for simple operations and can be detached completely for disposal of shredded content and eliminates the need of plastic bags. The Bin also features smart sensor with an optical indicator, when the bin is pulled out, the shredder stops shredding and illuminates an optical signal. It includes a special mechanism to separate shredded paper from plastic shreds of credit cards, CD-ROMs and Floppy-Disks.
  • Mounted on Casters:  Using casters, the 240 SS4 TURBO Shredders can be moved from one place to another with ease.  The flexible casters improve portability of the Shredder.
  • Sturdy Motor:  The KOBRA Shredders support long and continuous operations in offices without performance degradation and malfunctioning.  The powerful Shredder motor features thermal protection to remain consistent and can work 24 hours continuously with the help of the Super Potential Power Unit  consisting of heavy duty chain drive with steel gears.
  • Level 2 Security:  The Strip Cut shredder with a cut size of 1/8” can shred up to 23 + 30% extra sheets at once. The level 2 shredder is recommended for shredding routine office documents such as invoices, financial records, handwritten notes, and other personal documents.
  • Quiet Operations:  The KOBRA 240 SS4 TURBO Strip Cut Shredder exhibits a noise level of 55 dba and produces no clatters during shredding.


Manufacturer Part No.240SS4 TURBO
Security level2
Cut StyleStrip Cut
Cut Size1/8"
Shred-able materialPaper, Credit Cards, CD/DVDs, Floppy Disks, Paper Clips, and Staples
Sheet capacity23 (30 sheets in turbo mode)
Machine Dimensions14.5? x 13? x 22?
Throat size (inch)9.5
Bin Size (Gallons)9.5
Auto Start/StopYes
Auto OilingNo
Waste Bin TypeDetachable Waste Bin
Weight (lbs)31
Warranty1 Year
NoteTerms and Conditions may apply

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