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Martin Yale Crypto 005S Grinder Data Erasure Compared to CD shredders

Martin Yale Intimus 005S

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Martin Yale Crypto 005S

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    • Completely erases data from hard drive.

    • Grinds data beyond forensic recovery.

    • Portable grinder can be set up anywhere.

    • Grinding takes only 30 seconds.


    The Martin Yale Crypto 005S CD/DVD Grinder completely erases data from optical media. It is perfect for use by IT administrators. Organizations save data in optical media which could include confidential documents. This could be technical information about a sensitive product that can fall into the wrong hands. Competitors could use the information to their benefit and produce a better quality product. To avoid such incidents, data erasure is necessary. There are CD shredders in the market, but it’s better and safer to remove all data rather than shredding the optical media.

    The 005S Grinder eliminates the data completely from the optical media. It incorporates the patented DATAgrind technology to grind the data completely from optical media. This technology grinds the data to 250 microns which is beyond forensic recovery. No one will be able to hack the data from the optical media and use it to blackmail organizations. This is very important as there is growing trend of data leakage which is harming leading organizations.

    The Martin Yale Crypto 005S is a highly secure grinder. Government agencies could use its services for their data erasure needs. It grinds CDs and Blu-rays in one step whereas DVDs are grinded in 2 steps. This is because DVDs need to be split before they are grinded. Once the optical media have been grinded, they can be recycled. To remove all data, it takes just 30 seconds. The 005S Grinder is better than CD shredders as data is securely grinded thereby preventing information leakage. It’s a portable grinder that can be set up at any location for optical media grinding.


    Manufacturer Part No.005S
    ManufacturerMartin Yale Intimus
    Shred-able materialDC/DVD
    Auto Start/StopNo
    Auto OilingNo
    Weight (lbs)5.5

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