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Martin Yale 20000 Degausser Secure Erase From Hard Drive Data Storage

Martin Yale Intimus IN-20000

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  • Completely erases data from hard drive.

  • Degaussing takes only 45 seconds.

  • Meets NSA/CSS specifications.


The Martin Yale 20000 Degausser completely erases data from hard drives making it perfect for use by IT administrators. Hard drives are data storage instruments containing valuable data. Hard drive storage services stores data in sectors within the hard drive. This data can be easily accessed by hackers which could result in important information being compromised. Hackers could use this information to blackmail organizations and cause harm. Formatting the hard disk doesn’t erase the data. That’s why it’s better to use a secure erase degausser to ensure data gets completely erased.

There are quite a few degaussers in the market, with the 20000 Degausser being one of them. Martin Yale products incorporate an energy saving feature which utilizes less energy thereby helping to reduce electricity costs. The 20000 Degausser incorporates a similar energy saving feature that helps it consume 90% less energy than its competitors. It also produces a strong electric field which is way stronger than what its competitor produces. The strong wave enables the 20000 Degausser to completely erase the hard drive ensuring no data is left in it.

The Martin Yale 20000 Degausser is NSA/CSS EPL-912A-E approved. It can be used by government agencies to erase their confidential data. Storage services are used by every organization. Data storage is a fundamental priority of every organization. It’s always better to erase the data completely from a hard drive than to shred the hard drive because the hard drive can be used again which helps to reduce operational costs. The secure erase process takes only 45 seconds after which you can reuse the hard drive.


Manufacturer Part No.349134
ManufacturerMartin Yale Intimus
Machine Dimensions18.9”H x 21.7”W x 17.3”D
Feed Opening4.3”H x 5.9”W x 1.5”D
Auto Start/StopNo
Auto OilingNo
Weight (lbs)145

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