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KOBRA 300 HS-6 Departmental Cross Cut Paper Shredder

Kobra 300-HS-6

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KOBRA 300 HS-6 Departmental Cross Cut Paper Shredder

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    • Cross Cut Departmental Shredder for highly secure Shredding

    • Shreds an A4 paper in about 20,000 microchips to make it indecipherable for specialized electronic optical microscopes

    • Efficient Energy Smart Management System

    • Carbon Hardened Steel Cutting Heads

    • 21 Gallons automated Bin

    • Classified Level 6 Shredder

    • Super Potential Power Units  and 24 hours continuous Shredding 

    • Sound Level of 61 dba

    • Feed Opening of 12 inch.

    • The KOBRA "Accu-Flow" automatic oiler is available as an option

    • Meets NSA CSS Specifications 02-01



    • The KOBRA 300 HS-6 is a departmental Level 6 Shredder approved by the NSA/CSS for secured shredding of highly sensitive office and personal documents.  The High Security smart cut Shredder is ideal for use in Government, Military, and Enterprise organizations with volume shredding needs on regular basis and where prevention to information theft and unauthorized access is critical. The Classified Level 6 shredder complies with the NSA/CSS Specifications 02-01 for High Security Shredding and being in used by the US Dept. of States, the CIA, and the National Security Agency (NSA).
    • Introducing specialized cutting mechanism, the KOBRA 300 HS-6 can shred a paper sheet in about 20,000 microchips in a cut. The shredded sheets become completely indecipherable and cannot be read even with specialized and advanced electronic optical microscopes. Using the Super Potential Power Unit driven with heavy duty chain drives and sturdy steel gears, the KOBRA 300 HS-6 maximizes power out and optimizes Shredder performance for non-stop 24 hours shredding. The thermal protected motor remains impassive of regular use.
    • To make lubrication easier and faster, the KOBRA 300 HS-6 Departmental Shredder also features installation with automatic oiler, the KOBRA Accu-Flow, as an option on this model. The massive 21 Gallons auto enabled bin makes disposal of shredded content less frequent and hassle-free. With built-in detection system the shredders stops shredding when the bin is full, automatic detects unavailability of paper, or a potential jam is observed.


    • Power Save Mode with Energy Smart Management System:  The KOBRA 300 HS-6 Departmental Shredder comes built-in with the Energy Smart Management System. The system is designed environment friendly and reduces loss of unnecessary power. When in stand-by mode, the shredder consumes zero power and an optical illuminated signal indicates the Power Save/Stand-by mode.
    • Cut Paper Sheet in about 20,000 microchips:  Designed using specialized cutting system, the KOBRA Shredder can shred an A4 size computer sheet in about 20,000 microchips. The micro cut chips remain undecipherable with electronic optical and sensitive microscopes. The Level 6 Departmental shredder provides maximum protection with micro cut system.
    • Classified Level 6 Shredding:  The KOBRA 300 HS-6 Mid-Size Shredder is optimized for highly secure level 6 shredding. Due to approved protection from information theft and unauthorized access, the KOBRA 300 HS-6 is used by many Government and Military bodies. The KOBRA 300 HS-6 Shredder can be used to cut sensitive fiscal records, corporate tenders, agreements, documented business communication records, and other personal information, etc. 
    • 24 Hours Continuous Duty Motor:  The KOBRA 300 HS-6 Departmental Shredder incorporates a dual motor drive technology powered by two Super Potential Power Units to deliver maximum Shredding Capacity in less time. The KOBRA Shredder can shred up to 6,000 sheets at a time in High Security Cut. The thermal protected motor runs for longer hours and can perform 24 hours continuous job for volume shredding needs.
    • Carbon Hardened Cutting Knives:  The Carbon Hardened cutting knives are integral in the High Security Mid-size KOBRA 300 HS-6 Shredder. Intuitive cutting shafts feature a sheet capacity of 10 sheets and can take staples and accidental insertion of paper clip in addition to regular paper sheets.
    • Huge 21 Gallons Bin:  The Mid-Size Cross Cut Shredder comes with the huge 21 Gallons Shred bin for quick disposal of shredded content. The Intuitive bin supports simple operations and when the waste bin is detected out or the bin door is open, the shredder stops automatically and indicates with an illuminated light signal. 
    • Electronic Eye:  The Electronic Eye incorporated in the KOBRA 300 HS-6 offers auto Start/Stop operations. The photo-electric Electronic control mechanism detects the availability of paper sheets in the Feed Opening and runs or stops automatically as required, without manual interference.
    • Quick Portability:  Mounted on casters, the KOBRA 300 HS-6 Departmental shredder is made for effortless and swift portability from one place to another in large or mid size offices.
    • Space Saving Design:  The intuitive design of the KOBRA 300 HS suggests space saving. Computer forms top shelf is designed to save office space and can be used as a storage space for paper sheets and documents, etc.


    Manufacturer Part No.300 HS6
    Security level6
    Cut StyleCross Cut
    Cut Size1/32 x 3/16
    Shred-able materialPaper, Staples, and accidental Paper Clips
    Sheet capacity10
    Machine Dimensions17x12.25x32.5
    Throat size (inch)12
    Bin Size (Gallons)21
    Jam Prevention TechnologyJam Free
    Auto Start/StopYes
    Auto OilingNo
    Waste Bin TypePull-out Type
    Weight (lbs)88
    Warranty1 Year
    NoteTerms and Conditions may apply

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