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KOBRA 260 S5 Strip Cut Multimedia Mid Size Office Shredder

Kobra 260-S5

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KOBRA 260 S5 Strip Cut Multimedia Mid Size Office Shredder

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    • Strip Cut Shredder for Midsize businesses

    • Built with Energy Smart Management System

    • Super Potential Power Unit

    • Instant Start/Stop via automated Electronic Eye

    • Multimedia - Shred Paper sheets, CD/DVDs, Floppy Disks, clips, staples, and Credit Cards using hardened steel shafts

    • High quality, huge 21 Gallons steel Bin

    • Tractor-feed margins and wider throat of 10.25”

    • Supports 24 hours continuous operations

    • Sound level of 55 dba




    • The KOBRA 260 S5 is specifically designed for Mid Size offices and organizations to provide end-to-end Energy Smart Shredding of multimedia content including CD/DVDs, Floppy Disks, and documents to provide ease-of-use. The intuitive design allows KOBRA 260 S5 to shred paper sheets of all sizes with the help of Tractor-Feed Margins and wide 10.25” feed opening for insertion. The level 2 Strip Cut Shredder is made suitable for shredding Office Documents, Fiscal Records, Invoices, Corporate Memos, and Personal Information.
    • Built with an Optical Illuminated Indicators for Zero Power consumption during the Stand-by mode, the KOBRA 260 S5 features an ENERGY SMART MANAGEMENT SYSTEM and environment friendly operations. The Electronic eye control facilitates quicker shredding and starts/stops automatically based on the availability of paper. The Space Saving Design of KOBRA 260 S5 provides additional space for placing paper sheets.  The hardened steel knives can take staples, clips, and credits in addition to the paper and cause no clatter during shredding.
    • 24 hours continuous operations make the KOBRA shredders standalone. The powerful thermally protected Motor operates without a flaw and brings together Super Potential Power Unit, built using heavy duty chain drive with steel gears. The 260 S5 Mid size Office Strip Cut Shredder incorporates intuitive and high quality steel cabinet/bin. The 21 Gallons Bin is made ideal for regular shredding needs and can store up to 1000 strip cut sheets. Mounted on casters, the KOBRA 260 S5 comes portable and simple to move.


    • Tractor Feed Margins and Feed Opening:  The KOBRA 260 S5 strip cut shredder can shred paper sheets including computer papers of variable sizes. The Tractor-Feed Margins support ease-of-operations and make the shredder suitable for regular shredding needs in a mid size office. The Feed opening or the throat size of the KOBRA 260 S5 Strip Cut Shredder is made 10.25” wide.
    • Multimedia Shredding:  From confidential Paper documents to event proceedings or video CD/DVDs, Floppy Disks, Credit Cards, and Identification modules, the KOBRA 260 S5 can shred tem all at once. 
    • Energy conservation during Stand-by:  The KOBRA 260 S5 Office Shredder is designed to save energy during the stand-by mode of operations. Built in optical illuminated indicator indicates a zero power consumption when the shredder is tuned to stand-by mode and protects environment from incineration of needless power.
    • Continuous Job for 24 hours:  The sturdy chain drive with steel gears provides the Super Potential Power Unit. The unit combined with the thermal protected powerful Motor produces 24 hours continuous shredding without technical hold-ups.
    • 21 Gallons Steel Cabinet:  The KOBRA 260 S5 Shredder features smarter steel built cabinet for storing shredded material. For Strip Cut model, the cabinet or Bin can hold up to 1000 sheets at a time. The automatic signaling allows for intelligent shredding and when the Shred bag is full or the container door is open, the shredder stops shredding without manual instructions. The front door makes disposal of plastic shred bag easier and faster.
    • Sharpened Cutting Heads:  The hardened steel cutting shaft takes staples and paper clips in addition to paper sheets and credit cards.
    • Mounted on casters:  The movable casters make the shredder portable. Mounted on casters, you can take your KOBRA 260 S5 Strip Cut Shredder from one place to another without hassle.
    • Level 2 Strip Cut Shredding: The KOBRA 260 S5 Shredder features intuitive level 2 security and prevents office documents, personal information, Credit Cards, and financial records, etc. from unauthorized access and theft.


    Manufacturer Part No.260 S5
    Security level2
    Cut StyleStrip Cut
    Cut Size1/4"
    Shred-able materialPaper, Credit Cards, CD/DVDs, Floppy Disks, Paper Clips, and Staples
    Sheet capacity31
    Machine Dimensions17 x 12.25 x 32.5
    Throat size (inch)10
    Bin Size (Gallons)21
    Jam Prevention TechnologyJam Free
    Auto Start/StopYes
    Auto OilingNo
    Waste Bin TypePull-out Type
    Weight (lbs)66
    Warranty1 Year
    NoteTerms and Conditions may apply

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