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DESTROYIT 4002CC Office Cross Cut Paper Shredder with Auto Oiler

Destroyit 4002CC

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DESTROYIT 4002CC Cross Cut paper shredder with Auto OilerFree Shipping

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  • Cross Cut  Paper Shredder

  • Includes auto oiler

  • Low Level 2 Security

  • Enormous 53 Gallon shred bin with auto Power Cut-Off

  • Safety Protection System to prevent hazards of improper use

  • Energy Saving mode 

  • Doubled protection against overheating

  • Shred Paper sheets, credit cards, CDs, staples and paper clips

  • High Quality hardened steel cutters



  • The DESTROYIT 4002CC is an electronically controlled Cross Cup Centralized Office Shredder. The German made intuitive design makes it perfect for small businesses, corporate organizations, healthcare units, and individual home users. It can shred Paper sheets, Credit cards, CD/DVDs, Paper clips, and standard staples.  The level 3 Cross cut shredder can shred confidential documents including fiscal records, brochures, invoices, corporate statements, and personal information, etc. It features a speed of 18 ft/min and can shred up to 26 sheets in a pass.
  • Built with rich features such as Energy Save Mode and the Electronic Capacity Control, the DESTROYIT 4002CC makes shredding hassle free and Jam resistant. In accordance with world safety standards, the DESTROYIT 4002CC offers prevention from workspace incidents. The Safety Protection System (SPS) comes packaged with the innovative DESTROYIT Cross Cut 4002CC Shredder and with a transparent safety shield in the feed opening, controls paper shredding by electronic means.
  • The Centralized Office Shredder is easy-to-use, powerful, and high in capacity. It can shred large volumes of material without jamming and doubles efficiency of shredding with single phase sturdy motor with twice protection against overheating to provide maximum shredding in least time. The Bin capacity of 53 Gallon supports continuous shredding for longer hours. The comprehensive electronic control with smart optical display uses codes and back-lit symbols to indicate the status of operations. The DESTROYIT shredders have a Lifetime limited warranty on cutting shafts and wheels. All other parts have a 1 year warranty (excluding wearable).


  • Safety Protection System (SPS) Package: Built with Safety Protection System (SPS), the DESTROYIT 4002CC Cross Cut shredders feature unprecedented protection against mishandling and workplace hazards. The translucent safety shield placed in the feed opening is controlled electronically and runs automatically when paper sheets or other material is fed to the machine.
  • Multifunction all-in-one Switch: The intuitive switch is designed to make shredder controls easier and faster. The switch is located at the top and uses color codes and back lit symbols to indicate shredding status – ON/OFF, standby, and reverse operations.  The all-in-one switch facilitates multiple functions and requires no complex understanding.
  • Massive 53 Gallon Bin: The Bin size of 53 Gallon supports continuous shredding for longer hours without needing to dump shredded content.  The bin also features automated smart operations – the shredder stops shredding when the shred bag/bin is filled or the door is opened.
  • Jam Prevention: The DESTROYIT 4002CC is designed to prevent jams. The automatic reverse control anticipates potential jams using the Electronic Capacity Control, stops shredding, and reverses excess amount of paper. The Electronic Capacity Control indicates the level of available papers during the shredding process.
  • Energy Saving Mode (ESM): DESTROYIT Centralized Office Shredder 4002CC includes Energy Saving Mode. When left inactive for an hour or more, the energy green solution cuts off shredder power automatically and save energy.
  • Portable on Mounted Casters: The DESTROYIT 4002CC can be set-up on high quality wooden cabinet mounted on casters for portability.  You can move your Office Shredder from one place to another with ease using casters.
  • Sturdy Motor: The Powerful Single phase motor of DESTROYITT 4002CC requires minimum power and gets maximum work done with continuous shredding in least possible amount of time. The powerful motor is designed with doubled protection against overheating.
  • Hardened Steel Cutting Shafts: The Centralized Office Shredder DESTROYIT 4002CC features high quality hardened steel cutting shafts for longer use. The shafts can take staples, paper clips, credit cards, and CD/DVDs without registering any affect or damage. The Cutting shafts come with Lifetime Warranty.
  • Twin Drive System: The shredder also incorporates sturdy twin drive system with dust-proof gear box housing.


Manufacturer Part No.4002CC
Security level3
Cut StyleCross Cut
Cut Size3/16" x 1 1/2"
Shred-able materialPaper, Paper Clips, Staples, CD/DVDs, and Credit Cards
Run/Cool down TimeRun time: Continuous
Sheet capacity24-26
Machine Dimensions23 1?4" x 25 1?4" x 38 1?4"
Throat size (inch)16
Bin Size (Gallons)44
Jam Prevention TechnologyJam Free
Value-Added FeaturesAuto Reverse, Auto Start/stop, Jam Prevention Technology
Auto Start/StopYes
Auto OilingNo
Waste Bin TypePull-out Type
Weight (lbs)240
Warranty1 year warranty
NoteTerms and Conditions may apply

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