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KOBRA Cyclone HS-6 Industrial Shredder

Kobra Cyclone-HS-6

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KOBRA Cyclone HS-6 Industrial Shredder

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  • Compatible with NATO Level 5, NSA/CSS Level 6, and ASIO T4 protection levels

  • Unique CYCLONE technology for quick disposal of shredded content

  • Dynamic configuration of Shred Size

  • User friendly and intuitive control Panel

  • EFF 1 high efficiency and thermal protected motor

  • 24 Hours continuous Shredding

  • No oiling. No lubrication. No maintenance

  • Manual Start/ Automatic Stop with Stand-by function

  • 100 Gallons shred bag capacity with auto indication of Bag overflow

  • Noise Level of 75-85 dba for super quite operations



  • The KOBRA Cyclone HS-6 Industrial Shredder offers an unprecedented design, out-of-the-box range of intuitive, rich and secure shredding features - packaged in a single affordable shredder.  The high security industrial shredder makes shredding faster and can shred up to 500 sheets at once. NATO approved Level 5 and NSA/CSS compatible Level 6, the KOBRA Cyclone introduces two shredding levels and meets the latest standard of smart and secure shredding. Based on the shred particle size, the appropriate and relevant Security Level can be configured while purchase and can be changed later whenever required with a simple installation.
  • The KOBRA Cyclone requires no maintenance or oiling of cutting knives to eliminate the hassle of continuance. It is easy to use and incorporates a number of Shredding Features to improve workforce productivity and prevent unauthorized information/document access. The KOBRA Cyclone designed for industries and offices worldwide, also complies with the shredding standards of Australian Security Intelligence Organization (ASIO) and exhibits T4 protective Security.
  • Built with cutting-edge technologies and sturdy thermal protected Motor, the KOBRA Cyclone is recommended high for shredding sensitive documents. The efficient motor saves energy, automates shredding, and can work for 24 hours continuously without overheating. Other popular features include Manual and automatic Start/Stop Configuration, up to 100 Gallons Shred Bag volumes with rear window for monitoring, Built-in-Trolley with caster for improved portability, and low noise operations.


  • CYCLONE TECHNOLOGY: Turbine and High Speed Rotating Blades:  The KOBRA Industrial Shredder introduces the unique CYCLONE technology. Fitted with High Pressure air flow Turbine, the KOBRA Cyclone sets of high speed rotating blades and makes air spin to subject shred particles to the centrifugal force, and deposit them into the shred bag through the flow.
  • High Efficiency Motor:  The KOBRA Cyclone incorporates EFF1 High Speed Motor to save up to $250.00 of Electrical power per year. The thermal protected Motor supports 24 hours continuous operations without overheating and maximizes office productivity realizing more shredding in less time.
  • Control Panel:  The Easy-to-use Control Panel makes shredding a snap. To perform shredding of bulk papers, press start button, throw paper sheets and other shred-able material into the wide throat opening and let the KOBRA Cyclone do the job, without human intervention. The shredder shreds automatically and goes into stand-by mode when the shredding is complete. The user can select to perform manual shredding.
  • Full Output and Power:  The Shredder comes built-in with a Load Meter in the center and assists in monitoring the actual load on the turbine and on the rotating blades and represents at any instant of time the availability of shredding capacity, during continuous shred jobs to optimize power outputs.
  • Maintenance Free High Speed Cutting Knives:  The KOBRA Cyclone require no maintenance. The cutting shafts or the cutting knives need no oiling or lubrication and shred a range of material in minimum time possible. The industrial KOBRA shredder can shred up to 500 sheets at a time.
  • Shred Bag:  The KOBRA Cyclone Industrial Shredder designates specialized space for huge shred bag of size up to 100 Gallons. When the shred bag is full or the cabinet door is open, shredder stops automatically and illuminates light signal. It also incorporates rear window for simple monitoring and checking of waste bag capacity. Built-in-trolley with casters makes removal of waste bags easier and faster.
  • Integrated Vacuum System:  Integrated vacuum system comes built –in with the KOBRA Cyclone Industrial Shredder. The particular design allows for quick clean and dust-free shredding environment.
  • Low Noise Shredder Operations:  The KOBRA Cyclone incorporates insulated shredding chamber and special plastic outer housing enclosure for low noise. The KOBRA Shredder with a sound level of 75-85 dba causes no clatters during shredding.
  • Security Level and Shred Size:  Optimized for high volume shredding needs in large industrial organization, the KOBRA Cyclone brings High security shredding of classified documents. The shredder makes available 2 security levels:
    • 005 (NATO approved)
    • 006 (meets the latest shredding standards:
    • NSA/CSS Specification 02-02 for paper destruction,
    NSA/CSS Specification 04-02 for Optical Media destruction)The shred size can be chosen based on industrial requirements and can be changed later with a simple installation in future as the requirement arise. Further, the KOBRA Cyclone Shredders also offer T4 Protective security compatible to the Australian Security Intelligence Organization (ASIO).


Manufacturer Part No.Cyclone HS-6
Security level6
Cut StyleCross Cut
Cut Sizevaries depending on security rating
Shred-able materialPaper, Credit Cards, Floppy Disks, CD/DVDs, Paper Clips, and Staples
Run/Cool down TimeRun time: Continuous
Sheet capacity500
Machine Dimensions32" x 85" x 84"
Throat size (inch)13 x 9
Bin Size (Gallons)100
Auto Start/StopNo
Auto OilingNo
Waste Bin TypePlastic waste bag
Weight (lbs)2300
Warranty1 Year
NoteTerms and Conditions may apply

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