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Clary Shredder Oil


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    Clary Shredder Oil – 4 Packs of 16 ounces bottles


    Regular oiling keeps your shredder in top condition. Use Clary Shredder Oil with all Clary Shredders.


    Compatiable Products1200D, 1200M, 1200S, 1200X, 2200D, 2200M, 2200S, 2200X, 3800S, 3800X, 3900D, 3900M, 3900S, 3900X, 4000S, 4000X, 4100D, 4100S, 4100X, 4200X, 4500X, 4900X, 520S, 520X, 820S, 820X
    Weight (lbs)4

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