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Sharp  PN-TPC2W7A PC

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  • Full-array LED backlight

  • Interactive dual-touch interface

  • Features an intuitive Sharp Pen software application

  • Comes with Built-in library of backgrounds

  • Infrared detection system

  • User-friendly tool bar

  • Best use as a Digital signage

  • Engineered for 24/7 commercial use

  • Designed with a metal chassis



Sharp PN-TPC2W7A is a full featured PC built upon Intel's H67 disciplines and all packed with powerful G620 Pentium dual core CPU. The PN-TPC2W7A has been configured with the industry's best hardware support keeping exhibiting nature to perform in mind. The technically backed up PC features a full expression of video outputs which includes HDMI and DVI.

PN-TPC2W7A PC is the most liked one if you talk about touch screens or digital whiteboards. It can be used as a compulsive business tool with so much to offer like included sharp pen software application which can give user more control over the visuals. The included sharp pen software is pre-installed on the hard disk of PN-TPC2W7A with adaptability to run almost all third party and custom software applications. On the other hand the robust PC can also be used as a remote collaboration tool to conduct video conferences and webinars for group interactions. Beside the non commercial usage of PN-TPC2W7A, it's also highly recommended machine and  mostly found in commercial applications like interactive digital signage. The PC is engineered with high quality hardware parts to work under extreme commercial applications without taking rest.

PN-TPC2W7A supports true 1080p video with hardware assisted support for formats such as H.264, MPEG2 and WM9. PC has an an RS-232 port for display control and a custom mounting bracket specially designed to attach at the rear of touch screen display. Further, the PN-TPC2W7A is pretty strong build from outside with metal. The small size of the PC makes it perfect fit for the user looking for a compact PC.


Compatiable ProductsPN-L602B, PN-L702B , PN-L802B
Item No.PN-TPC2W7A
Har Drive160 GB
Operating SystemsWindows
Weight (lbs)6.5
Dimensions15.70 x 13.30 x 4.10 inches

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